Our Savings Story

I am in sprinkly NYC right now attending Save Up. An event coordinated by Savings.com for their DealPros. As part of the trip, Savings asked each DealPro to share their personal savings story.

Last year, I went through great detail and shared our personal finance story. Sharing the ups and down, and debt and financial freedom. We still have debt but we are still on the path to pay off as much as possible. In fact, a few months ago we paid off our student loans. The small victories feel pretty good when the big picture can be overwhelming at times.

You can read up on all parts of our Savings story, starting at the the beginning of our marriage through today, at the links below:

{1} Love and Marriage
{2} Jobs and Education
{3} Baby and Job Loss
{4} Graduation = Promotion and Relocation
{5} New Job, New City, New Home
{6} Transition and Loss
{7} Stretching and Earning Income
{8} News – Good and Sad
{9} A New Game
{10} Focusing on Debt
{11} Why Us?
{12} Debt is GONE
{13} One Year “Debt is Gone” Anniversary

Wherever your savings story is, I want to encourage you that there is a reason for every season. We may never understand the purpose behind it. I can tell you that our family has likely been right where you are. In fact, I'd like to tell you that personally.  I'm excited to get to share our personal savings story live at Save Up. Savings.com is live streaming a few sessions including the stories of several DealPros so YOU can hear it too (right here)!

If you want to listen in, you may not only be inspired but also have a chance to win an iPad2! You will need to RSVP here for your “spot” AND your chance to win that snazzy iPad2. Let me know if you end up watching :)

The one thing I hope you “see” in our story is that life can give you lemons and you can make some pretty sweet tasting lemonade. In our case, fate gave us a sick child which forced us to look for others ways to be more savvy with our spending, which in turned got me to start this lil' old site to begin with. The circumstances were extremely bitter on the onset and many tears were shed. At the end of the day, we are thankful for the situation and grateful that we found a way to get through financially as well. I'm blessed to be able to help others and have YOU as a reader throughout all of it!

P.S., Have you taken the Savings pledge yet? The pledge totals are passed the $20 million mark now – unbelievable!

P.P.S., Check out this infographic for 25 Ways to Save Money from many of the DealPros!

Disclaimer: Savings.com is paying for my travel expenses for this trip. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

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