Personal Finance Story: Why Us?

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When I finished up sharing in Focusing on Debt, I did leave it with how the circumstances kept us with the inevitable question of “Why us”?

We were adjusting to a single income home, cutting our income in half essentially. We were continuing to work on our debt snowball. We were at a place where we were truly obeying God's direction in our life. I don't think God needed to throw a curve ball like a child's illness into the mix to get our attention that the focus on the debt was important.

But, he did and without the trial in our own lives, I may not have seen the huge potential not only for our own family but thousands of others.

God showed me how to use coupons effectively in a time when we needed to save and have hope. We needed hope that our son was going to be ok (and he was, thank God – read more on that here). We needed hope to know that our finances would survive! I look back now and know that God took us through everything to give us hope in a tangible way. And, to show me something that would impact our finances forever.

Since I have been blogging, I have earned an income. I don't share that to brag or boast because ya'll know that's not what God wants. But, I share that because I 110% believe that God has blessed our family in this way because we chose to listen to Him. I remember telling a reporter that during an interview too.

I feel like I found my calling – my ministry! – one to provide hope with the things in live make hope seem so far away. Boy did this blogging thing every provide that for me! Staying at home was NOT an easy decision for me to accept whole heartedly. We know it was a call from God, I won't say everyday has been a superb blessing (it never is, but I was so used to instant gratification when working with others. That comes from my kids sometimes now that they're older)!

Getting to be home with our boys AND also share how to save with thousands of people and even (time willing) help other bloggers learn to do the same thing is a tremendous reward! As soon as I learned something about blogging, helping other bloggers became just as much as a passion as helping people save!

I won't say we still don't look to God and wonder why He has thrown us the curve ball of the year. We still do that. We seek His Word, talk to close friends who offer encouragement and help us see things in a different perspective. I think wondering and questioning is normal. That is when faith takes over. Sure we can have questions but at the end of the day, we know that there is a plan that will be in His perfect time, not our own.

I can honestly say that even with the debt, the health issues and the loss loved ones we no longer question Him for those things. He has made things very clear in that respect. We look back through all of the pain and thank God for the many blessings, including good health and loved ones still surrounding us.

Why us? Well, why not us? If we avoided all of the stuff that came along with it. God's will is sometimes hard to face but the blessings are far more amazing than anything you could ever dream up!

Next up…2 years paid off and the lessons we learned along the way.

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  1. Andrea-

    I totally agree with everything you wrote. My blog too started out of a desire to share our struggles with special needs kids. It has created great new friendships for me!

    I have read all you wrote about monitizing my blog. It has been up for a year. I am getting good at posting. I am starting to write guest posts and… I don’t know. I am having trouble starting the affiliate marketing “stuff”. If you had to pick one affilite and one networking thing to spend time on first, what would those be?

    Oh and are you going to be at the Bloggy conference in Mason in June?

    Thanks for an awesome Blog and reference!

    warrior MAMA

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