Sharing Your Stockpile During National Disasters

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Pat:

Always have a little extra on hand. Since I started couponing I have found this to be such an advantage with friends and family. They are amazed at all the little extra items I have even if they are items that I personally do not use.

During the hurricane my sister was evacuated from her home and forgot her contact lens case. Just happened to be that I had a coupon, got rewards and had gotten lens drops for free. What a gift in such an uncertain time. Made her trip with us just a little easier and thank goodness when she got home no damage. Blessing all around.

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I've shared this before but when we had that horrible wind storm several years ago, I was excited we had enough in our stockpile to take care of our friends for a few days too. That is the blessing in stockpiling! We can provide for ourselves AND others and not even consider out of pocket expenses!

What do you do with your stockpile?

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