Are you a Saver? Take the Savings Pledge!

Save on what you need. Spend on what you want.

That's my motto and in order to spend on what I want, I gotta save. And saving isn't always easy with this momma to three and lover of pretty shoes! is a great site to find deals to your favorite stores. I'm happy to announce I am returning as a DealPro with And this is a great year to be back!

With a desire to help America save even more, has created the Savings Pledge. Whether you are finding a great deal and saving that way or just spending less and putting it back for an emergency fund. wants the Savings Pledge to help America save $1 Billion dollars (YES, $1 BILLION!).

I love all of the pledge statements above, especially #1. I've never considered myself frugal or cheap. However, I do love a good deal and think it's just smart to save on the items I have to purchase. I also love passing along the deals and savings to anyone who will hear it. Even the random lady in the checkout behind me who doesn't have a nary coupon. If that's ever been you (behind me), I'm sorry. I just had to offer you the coupon :)

I plan on taking the Savings Pledge myself. In fact, I am trying in earnest to spend only $10 on our boys' back to school supplies. I also plan on saving $50 each week to go directly to savings. I'd like to have our Christmas paid with cash again this year and this savings should help us achieve that!

What will your goal be? What will you use the savings for?

Whatever it is, visit the Savings Lifestyle Facebook page and make YOUR Savings Pledge. I've heard if reaches the goal, the CEO will dance in a coconut bra. He's a guy. It will be funny! :)

As an added bonus, will be offering exclusive deals to people who are participating! Five randomly selected consumers from the first 500 people to take the pledge will get a one-on-one personalized advice session with one of the DealPros! There are a lot of deal savvy folks who are DealPros too!

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