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Rewind to right after our vows in June. Paul and I both had excellent jobs. I was lucky enough to get a co-op (internship) at a great company in our hometown. I finished my Associate Degree in June right as we were married. I decided that I wanted to start my career. I knew I would find a job, so I wasn't concerned about finishing with my Bachelor's at that point.

Oh, did I mention I had my college completely paid for and would have had my entire four years paid for had I continued? Yeah, looking at the student loans we incurred (which wasn't a lot, but still), it wasn't the brightest move to make. One more financial mistake.

FYI, 100% Service disabled veterans receive additional benefits (including a GI Bill type program for family members) for spousal and children college tuition. I was eligible for a 100% scholarship to any 4-year state school based on my dad's service connection. I'm not sure if that is still available but it is definitely worth looking into if it applies for your family.

Since Paul had been in the military, he was eligible for the GI Bill. We incurred very little debt for his education as well. But, like me, he just worked on his Associate Degree and finished right before our wedding too. He landed a well paying job a local company in manufacturing.

I was fortunate enough to land a full-time position at a great company making great money as a teenager. Guess who also got a job at that same great company? My husband! He worked on the line in the plant in hopes that he would eventually move up the ranks. We both worked second shift. That was not the working hours for me! But since we both worked those hours, it worked for our newlywed lifestyle :)

I was only at that company for a few months when the company I worked for previously called to offer me a full-time position doing what I had been doing (formerly as an intern). I loved the people and knew the company. Plus, we were expecting our first babe. Knowing that both of us worked second shift, we knew eventually we would have to make a change in work hours since that wasn't the best for raising a family (for us).

It's a good thing I made that move.

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  1. I appreciate you sharing your story with us (your readers). I wanted to add to the GI Bill for family idea. My father is a vet. Thanks to a very good case worker I got the benefit while I was in graduate school. Thanks to your father and husband for serving this country. I have a soft spot for all military veterans.

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