Teaching and Tutoring for Side Income

Teaching and tutoring to earn additional income.

Do you watch Shark Tank? Well I did last weekend because a local company, Tom & Chee was on (and they got a deal!!). They also had another really interesting company that does voice translation with a live person by making a simple phone call.   In their pitch, they mentioned that many of the translators are actually teachers or tutors and can speak multiple languages. That makes sense!

Can you use your skills, talents and education to help educate someone else? You can find online tutoring and teaching jobs and teach people from all around the world. You can teach another language. You can tutor children or adults. Private tutors can also be employed by parents who prefer home schooling for their kids.

If you have knowledge in a specific topic and are interested in helping others learn, explore online education. Becoming a private tutor is an excellent way to establish your own small business.

Working as a Tutor

Parents will hire tutors not only to assist their children who are struggling with certain subjects, but also to give them an edge by preparing them for college. The sessions are done in an informal setting, like the student's home, your own home or even the library.

As a tutor, you get to enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule, although you'll probably need to work evenings or weekends when students are not in school.

Requirements for Becoming a Tutor

You actually need no specific qualifications to be a tutor, although you can assume that most parents would like you to hold a four-year college degree.  Practical experience can also be useful, such as real-world business or entrepreneurial experience.

Tutoring is a low-cost business to set up, since the students provide most materials, such as textbooks.

Income Potential of Starting Your Own Tutoring Service

Typical tutoring rates start at $15 per hour. Different specialties may demand a higher hourly rate. Think that's not a lot?

If you tutor 20 hours a week at $20 an hour for 36 weeks each year (the average length of the traditional school year), for example, your annual income would be $14,400. That's not chump change!

Marketing Your Tutoring Service

Again, we'll go over marketing next week. But, for tutors or teachers specifically, visit the local schools that you're interested in and ask about their tutoring needs. If you happen to know any school teachers, contact them to see if they have any students who need tutoring assistance.

Also considering networking with the parents in your own neighborhood or at school-related gatherings. Let your friends at church know that you are available. Even consider to reaching out to local homeschool co-ops if you have a special skill they may need assistance with (foreign language, advanced math or sciences, etc).

If you have a unique way to earn money from home, please share it with us.
I would love to include your experience with our readers!

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