50 Graduation Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Graduation

Graduation means gifts. And if you're anything like me, you just need inspiration for what to get a newly graduated student. Many of these ideas would be appropriate for a high school graduate entering college. However, some would probably work for a college graduate too who is getting their own apartment.

Many of these items are under $20, while some are around $70. These are very practical gifts as well. I am truly a practical gift giver because I think it makes the most sense :) Whatever your budget or gifting practicalities, I'm sure you will find something to gift to a graduate this season.

  1. “Oh the Places You Will Go” book signed by the giver with advice inside.
  2. Mini scrapbook with well wishes and advice. There are always great photo deals on these.
  3. Collage of pictures of the graduate throughout the year.
  4. Homemade coupons for a time in need like “Do my Laundry” “Send me Cookies” etc.
  5. “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey
  6. Start by Jon Acuff.
  7. Towels and washcloths.
  8. Laundry basket with laundry products which can come from your stockpile.
  9. Roll of quarters (that they can use for vending machines or laundry).
  10. Shower caddy with hygiene products from your stockpile.
  11. Gas gift cards purchased.
  12. Cookbook with ingredients to make a few meals.
  13. Toolkit
  14. Rain kit: rain poncho, boots and umbrella.
  15. Office supplies (be sure to subscribe to our Back to School page so you know when the sales start!).
  16. Microwave for late night snacking.
  17. Cooler filled with the grad's favorite snacks.
  18. Getting Things Done by David Allen
  19. Magazine subscriptions, many are under $5 and you can use their dorm address.
  20. Milk crate full of dorm supplies.
  21. First Aid Kit.
  22. Griddle (if allowed) for making sandwiches and breakfast items.
  23. Logo duffle bag with sweatshirt, blankets, sheets.
  24. Moleskine Planner to keep them organized.
  25. Graduation invitation shredded up inside a clear glass ornament.
  26. Bucket with cleaning supplies (from your stockpile).
  27. Move night in a box.
  28. Self laminating machine in case they need to laminate worksheets or papers.
  29. Water pitcher.
  30. Computer software to help with productivity (lots of options for this one depending on your OS).
  31. Jump drive. You can never have too many jump drives!
  32. T-Shirt quilt.
  33. T-shirt pillow.
  34. Photo Mug with a custom photo of school or their new college logo.
  35. Custom notebook.
  36. No sew blanket.
  37. Extra power chargers.
  38. Kindle.
  39. Space saving shoe rack. Dorms aren't that big and any way to organize will help!
  40. Wristlet or nice backpack to keep throughout the upcoming years.
  41. Bible. The good book. ‘Nuff said.
  42. Digital camera.
  43. Bike since most incoming freshman cannot have a vehicle.
  44. Noise cancelling headphones to use at the library or with a roommate that snores.
  45. Luggage for Spring Break!!
  46. Board Games for those chill nights. Do they exist in college?
  47. Over the Door Mirror since again, space is limited in some dorms.
  48. Small Fan that is smaller to attach to the bed headboard. It will drown out the noise of a snoring roommate too.
  49. Surge Protector which is essential for all electronics.
  50. Extension Cord which can make them BFF with roomies if they have lots of outlets.

Do you have other good graduation gift ideas?
Please leave a comment and let us know!

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