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How to Become a Seasonal Tax Preparer to Earn Additional Income

A seasonal tax preparer can be a great source of income! Learn how to become a seasonal tax preparer, find sites to take tax preparer classes, and discover jobs including tax preparer jobs from home!

I’ve received a few submissions sharing ways that others earn money from home. I will be publishing them over the remainder of the series. This one comes from Janell sharing how you can earn additional income doing seasonal tax work.

Seasonal Tax Preparer Jobs

This isn’t working from home, but consider doing taxes at H&R Block during the tax seasons. You only work January 2 through April 15. There are continuing education requirements, but you can complete the courses online after the first year.

This is a way to pick up a few thousand dollars in a few months, and you can work selected hours. I work a few nights a week and some weekends.

In doing some additional research on this topic, I found a few resources that will be helpful if you want to be a seasonal tax preparer to earn additional income.

Tax preparer classes are available on so many legitimate sites! Check out the list of sites we recommend.

Tax Preparer Classes

Check out the Seasonal Tax Preparer Classes on Udemy. They have several courses which start at $10 or less.

My husband recently went through a Quickbooks Online training so he could learn how to do the bookkeeping for my business. The courses are thorough and most include videos along with written documentation! Every class we have taken has been thorough and put together well. Just check the reviews before you purchase.

As Janell mentioned, you can take the income tax course through H&R Block, as well as other tax service providers. From looking at the H&R Block training site, you will go through 75 hours of instructor-led training and take a 3-hour final exam. Training occurs during the weekends or during the week (whatever is more convenient for your schedule).

Tax Preparer Jobs From Home Flexible Hours

Lots of companies will hire you to work from home. YES! With that comes flexible hours. Of course, you need to get all of your work completed on time and ensure the company you have a private work space given the nature of the work.

If you are working outside of the home for this one, many times you can set your own hours. This is always a plus with any job. You work as much as you want, and can earn as much as you want during this timeframe too.

Start your own online tax services and create a nice side income! You can even start an official business with our free guide!

Online Tax Services

If you want to venture out onto your own, you can offer online tax services. I would start with friends and family both near and far away.

Thanks to so many amazing technology options, you can easily have face-to-face review meetings with each person! I would use a service like Google Hangouts to start since it’s free, but there are lots of other options which cost money that could be beneficial once your business is booming!

After tax season is complete, get yourself prepared to open shop officially online! You can follow many of the steps in my How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging series. Creating a site to send people to is super simple to do and can get you on the fast track to a great business with serious side income potential!

If you have a unique way that you earn money from home, please share it with us.
I would love to include your experience with our readers!

A seasonal tax preparer can be a great source of income! Learn how to become a seasonal tax preparer, find sites to take tax preparer classes, and discover jobs including tax preparer jobs from home!

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