Earn Money By Creating How-To Videos

Earn Income and create how-to videos

Did you know that YouTube is the second highest search engine, right behind Google? It makes sense though since Google owns YouTube. But, it really makes sense from a resource perspective since many people learn visually and look to YouTube for just about everything, including how-to videos.

I will fully admit that my YouTube channel is pretty sparse (feel free to subscribe here anyway). I want to do more video, I just haven't found the time outside of writing and editing this here blog, and all the other work I do. Having some video has helped me with gaining credibility in various media outlets.

If you enjoy being on camera and do well at explaining things, consider creating a YouTube channel. Heck, you could record yourself playing Minecraft and put those up (which is what I want to do with Andon).

But, before you break out your camcorder, here are a few things to explain on creating videos to earn cash.

What is a How-To Video?

A how-to video is essentially what it sounds like. It is a video that shows people how to do something.

For example, this video is showing people how to save money on a Disney vacation. I have a few props I show in the video to help them get my point across.

Some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube are the makeup videos. I could watch how to apply eye makeup over and over again and learn a new tip. When people find videos they like, they tend to subscribe to those video owners' channels to stay updated when new videos are added. Not all video creators are bloggers. In fact, I'd say the majority aren't since I really only know a few bloggers that take video seriously.

What does that mean for you? This is a huge opportunity. If you have specialty knowledge you can create videos to teach others. And you can make money!

How to Make Money with Videos

There are actually a number of ways you can make money creating and publishing videos of all kinds. Let's look at the two most popular ways.


Creating a YouTube account is free. When you have new videos, you simply upload them and they will exist on the world wide web. You can turn the monetization of your videos ON so ads will show before and during the video. If a viewer clicks on those ads, you will earn a small amount in exchange.

Information Marketing

We've talked about one form of information marketing with the post on How to Create an eBook for Income. But, there are many other ways you can create information marketing.

If writing books isn't your thing you can create videos. Imagine a how-to video series on how to potty train your pet, cut your child's hair, or re-organize a closet. Topics that are in demand have the best chance at making money and being successful.

Instead of marketing and selling an ebook you can market and sell a DVD video series. You can even make the images available with an online download. This saves you the expense of shipping and your customer receives the product immediately. You can use the same sites to market and create on-demand publishing that I mentioned in the writing an eBook post.

In a few rare instances, YouTube personalities receive corporate sponsorships and endorsements. So, who knows, you could be the next Kid President. You'll never know your potential if you don't try. Profit from your passion!

If you have a unique way to earn money from home, please share it with us.
I would love to include your experience with our readers!

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