List for Giveaway Host/Linky Sites

As bloggers, we host giveaways to market/advertise the sponsor's product. A giveaway with lots of buzz and accompanying entries is exciting for advertisers – it keeps them coming back for more! But, offering a giveaway is also guaranteed traffic to our sites. Win/Win!

With this file, you will know exactly where you need to go and when you need to go there to link up your giveaway! You will be able to efficiently promote and create buzz for your giveaway and get traffic in return. This results in a high return on your time investment.

As readers, participating in giveaways are just plain fun! You can use this file to blog/site hop each week to find giveaways you want to enter. It saves you time so you know where to go to find lots of giveaway goodies!

The list is below. This will be updated periodically as old links are moved, new sites are added or lack of participation by the blogger. If you see an update, please feel free to contact me too!

If you find an inactive link or wrong URL, please press “Click to Report.” Complete the form so the information may be removed or updated. If your own site is listed below and you have changed a URL, please also “Click to Report” and submit the new information. Doing this will help with maintenance of the list.

If you are not listed on the file above, are a blogger and host a Giveaway Linky at your site (meaning, you have Mr. Linky or other link-up available for all bloggers to drop their link as explained above),Complete the form below. The information you include will be transferred to the above list on a weekly basis. Again, This is NOT for random giveaways you have at your site Please do not complete the form if you simply just have a giveaway.

This document was a collective effort of the bloggers listed below. You wouldn't think this needs to be said, but please don't copy this. Tara, Ellen and I created this together and Andrea (that's me) maintains the list. The list changes periodically with updated links and new blogs.

Tara, Feels Like Home
Twitter: @Feelslikehome

Ellen, Thrifty & Chic Mom
Twitter: @ThriftyChicMom

Andrea, Mommy Snacks
Twitter: @MommySnacks

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