Offer Babysitting Services

Offer Babysitting Services and Work from Home

Babysitting is a job that many people probably start in their teens. I think my first babysitting gig was when I was around 14 years old. After that, I ended up sitting for some of the same families month after month and was paid good money as a result.

As a full-time working mom, I can tell you that with summer coming, I will need to find an option for our younger two boys a few days a week. Other parents may simply want a night out without the kids. Or, even a day as a mother who cares for her kids all day needs some time to run errands alone. There are tons of ways that you can provide a service and earn a decent income as a result.

Here are five tips to make extra money babysitting.

Establish a Regular Schedule

One of the problems many parents face is that they have to work around inconsistent schedules. For example, their babysitter might be available one week but not the next. If you can provide some consistency then you will in high demand.

Keep in mind that consistency doesn't mean you can never change your hours, close your doors or get vacations. Even brick and mortar child care facilities close during certain times of the year. Be up front with parents what those dates are so they can plan in advance.

Get Certified

There are babysitting courses and certifications you can get. I've seen these types of classes advertised at the local YMCA. However, those aren't as important as basic First Aid and CPR courses. Honestly, we will not leave our kids with someone who doesn't have First Aid or CPR training.

If you can demonstrate that you're serious about their child's safety with certifications then you will earn more child care jobs and possibly even get paid more as a result. Safety of the children is the primary concern for all parents.

Set an Hourly Rate

What will your hourly rate be? Don't sell yourself short here. I think it can be all over the board depending on the regular scheduling, time of day or even weekend rates.

Will you offer a discount for multiple children? Or even consider doing a flat rate for a certain number of hours per child.

As a parent, don't skimp on this area either. You selfishly will want your sitter to find time when you need them. Paying them what they deserve may also help ensure that you aren't left stranded on date night :)

Purchase the Right Gear

If your home is filled with items that children cannot touch or aren't interested in they may be bored. Even if you go to someone's home to babysit, have some fun stuff for the kids to play with that you can take along.

If you can keep the children occupied, happy and engaged they'll be smiling when the parents come to pick them up. And if you can get them to ask their parents to come back to your house then you're golden. This says volumes to me when my kids don't want to leave a sitter.  You'll have a babysitting job for years if the kids love you.

Referrals and Recommendations

Ask your satisfied parents to pass your name, and business card, along to their friends with children. You'll earn more babysitting jobs that way and you can demand higher rates. People are willing to pay more for a babysitter that comes highly recommended.

If you are part of a local community Facebook group or forum, mention that you offer babysitting services to other members. Everyone wants to find a good sitter to care for their kids and asking in the community is the first place I go to for referrals.

As we get older, overlooking babysitting as a viable way to earn extra income happens. But, don't discount what a really good babysitter can offer. There truly is nothing better than finding a babysitter you can rely on. YOU can be that reliable babysitter and earn good money at the same time.

If you have a unique way that you earn money from home, please share it with us.
I would love to include your experience with our readers!

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