Our Box Garden

I first heard about the idea of a Box Garden from Be Thrifty Like Us! Well, she kindly included a link to Frugal Dad's instructions on how to create a square foot garden (I'm just calling it a Box). After reading Frugal Dad's instructions, I thought surely this was something my hubby could do (I like to volunteer him for things like this), and the little Box is just super cute :-) He was pretty excited about it though because he had grown up with canned green beans (not Del Monte but pressure cooked ones) and other fresh veggies. So, we (or HE) gave it a whirl and I want to share with you some pics of our progress.

Here is hubby and the boys with the newly built box garden finishing up the planting a month or so ago (I'm pretty sure Andon was eating the dirt).

Here is a great pic of the garden blooming with all of our stuff! I think it includes tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, green beans, radishes, and we have a separate pot for green onions! He wanted to put lettuce, which we would really use, but the thought of a bug in the lettuce really grossed me out so I decided against it. I know it would be washed, but what if it didn't fall out then I would be eating a bug and I can't go there…

There's a little bean there! We figure we might get a pint of of our little farming :-) I'll have to ask my wonderful MIL to can these for us!

All in all, it cost us about $75 for the potting soil and plants to include. Hubby got the lumber as scrap from work so that was FREE. Honestly, I doubt that we will get enough food from this garden to make it worth the expense. But, it's not about that for us. This is a project that we may get a few maters and beans off of, but we enjoy so much going out to look at our little garden that it's made us happier than we ever thought – weird, but true! And, our Grass Friends will be parking their little bodies in the garden box to grow throughout the summer too!

1 Corinthians 3: 7: “So neither he who plants is anything nor he who waters, but [only] God Who makes it grow and become greater.”

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  1. Kansas Mom says:

    I think we probably will have spent more than we make with our garden, too, but it’s a great experience. This is our second year growing veggies and we’ve already learned a ton. We hope to keep expanding each year (which will keep forestalling any cost benefit).

    I love having the lettuce for fresh salads – but there are definitely bugs. Kansas Dad has to wash each leaf separately. Once he even found a caterpillar that had made a little cocoon under a leaf. The kids got a kick out of that. (We tried to snuggle it against a fence outside, but don’t hold out hope it’ll make it out there.)

    We’ve also had great luck with the pak choy — we love it in stir fry and have definitely made money on those seeds.

  2. Kansas Mom – I just checked out your garden and yours toootally rocks :-) I should have put in some peas like you did because I just love to eat those! And, ya see what I meant about the bug – their cute and cuddly to look at but they don’t belong in my belly :-)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Carlie Faulk says:

    Andrea – Looks great!! Ya’ll did a great job on it. I love mine. I put it in about 6 weks ago or so – maybe two months? Anyway – I already have tomatos, cucumbers and squash growing. Thanks for the reminder – I need to post an update (let people know I haven’t killed it all – this is the best garden I’ve ever grown. My stuff usually dies – hehehehe!!)

  4. Hi Andrea, I’ve been busy lately and I may have overlooked at your comment on my Coder’s Talk blog regarding your request on how to create a button. I’ve replied your comment.

    I hope I will have time to make the tutorial soon.

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