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Thrifting is a great way to save lots of money for things we use everyday. These stores would include Goodwill, Salvation Army, Valley Thrift Stores, and many more.  I love to visit my local Thrift Stores and have been very successful in finding things that I need at rock bottom prices.

Here are some tips that will help maximize your shopping experience!

{1} Make a List: I like to have a list of things that we need.  I tend to shop for my boys next size and what they will need for the next season.   This will help you not to buy more than you need.

{2} Give yourself enough Time: Make sure you have lots of time to search through all the aisles. Most of the stuff can be stacked and digging through you may find just what you are looking for. Have lots of time dedicated so you can hunt through the aisles.

{3} Suggestions for Clothing: I found some our family's favorite brands really cheap or still with the tags on it!  They tend to have Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place and more for the kids. I have found some of my favorites as well like Ann Taylor Loft, NY & Co and many more.

If your Thrift Store does not have a dressing room, then wear leggings, a tank and a zip up hoodie.  You can easily try item on to make sure they will fit. Trust me, you will not be the only one!

{4} Watch for Coupons and Sales:  Some of my local thrift stores will occasionally have coupons in the local paper. Some have 50% off  discounts depending on the color of the tag.  It may say something like blue as you walk in to let you know that blue tag items will be 50% off.  Some stores have 50% everything on holidays.  One of my favorite stores, has 25% off every Monday!

{5} Great deals on Books:  I love to read and books are one of my favorite things to purchase at the Thrift Store. This is a great way to build the kid's library of their favorite books.   They are normally a buck or less and you can donate back once you are done with them.

{6} Inspect Toys: I have found toys that are no longer carried at Target.  My kids love Rescue Heroes and they had this big firetruck that they no longer sold in the stores.  I got one for $2 and they retailed for $40.  You will want to check to make sure the toys still work.  Make sure the battery compartments are not corroded and in good shape.

{7} For the Kitchen: You will be able to find baking dishes, Glass bowls, pots and so much more!  I have picked up silverware to replace spoons and forks that have disappeared at my house for around a buck!

My best find was a heavy duty stainless steel sauce pan and I think I paid $1.99!  I am pretty sure it retailed for well over $25.

{8} For the Home: You can find pictures to decorate the wall, end tables, glass bowls and so much to decorate your home for a lot less.  I picked up a few china plates for an upcoming Ladies Tea at my church for $.99.  I have also found toner for my printer for $3 and it retails for $31 at Walmart.  You may want to make this your first stop when you want to redecorate.

{9} Purses and Accessories: This is a great place to find an evening or everyday purse.  My sister found a Vera Bradly Backpack purse for only $2.  You can also find belts, scarves and more for very little money.  Check the inside because you may find money that was left behind!

{10}  Go often: New stuff is added to the shelves and racks daily.  I stop in anytime I am in the area.  Also, I may plan to visit several in one day.  When I go to several, I do not take my kids.  My faves are about a 25 minute drive so it is more economical to plan for me.

I hope this will help your next trip out for the bargains.  If this is new to you, you can visit for stores in your area.

What are your favorite thrift stores and what do you like to shop for?

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  1. We loved our Goodwill in Oveido Florida. Recently moved to Spring Hill and the is a super Goodwill nearby. Wow I was in heaven! However some of the items here like books are a little more costly than Oviedo.

  2. I once found a bread machine that I wanted for a very long time for $3. It is amazing what you might find.

  3. I think #1 is most important. Shopping Thrift/yard sales is exactly like any other shopping trip. You don’t go wandering around with no idea what you want/need and expect to meet a goal under budget. You have some idea what you are looking for and a plan for what you will do with it when you find it.

    I’m somewhat a yard sale savant because I will set my mind to what I want/need, right down to color, size, style and generally within a very short period of time – I find it. I think it’s a matter of focusing the mind to ‘see’ those items.

    Example: Last year I wanted to redecorate my room in a certain color and style. I wanted big fluffy featherbeds ($$$) and down comforters, etc. I made a list/vision board (thanks Photoshop!) of what I wanted and ten days (two sale weekends) later, I had it all for $60. That includes a Queen Featherbed, down comforter, numerous throw pillows, basket, chotchke’s, woven throw, duvet cover (new: silk swags and blown glass lamp. I didn’t pick a neutral color either. It was a specific “sea glass” blue green that wasn’t exactly common.

    Last week I needed denim shorts for my 12 yo daughter. I set out on the yard sale circuit with the same mindset I would at the mall “I need x shorts in x size for x $” By days’ end I had scored two perfect pair, one new with tags – for $2 and $2.50 each.

    Call it luck, call it “The Secret,” call it whatever you want but I totally agree that the deals are out there – you just have to list and LOOK.

  4. Is there a way to find a list of the local goodwill stores?

  5. I often go to thirft stores because of quite low budget. Very useful tips and it’s so right for me!

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