Buy, Borrow and Re-sell!

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Krista:

I don't like to pay a lot of money for kids clothes. Especially since they can usually only wear them for a few months. I shop mainly at consignment sales for toys, books, shoes, and clothing for my daughter. Most clothing items cost about $3, books about $.50. This is a HUGE saving over children's books in stores which can get up to $9.99!

After I am done with the clothing items or books, I re-sell them at the next consignment sale. If I bought the item on half price day I may even make money on it!

I also seek out friends and neighbors with children about a year older than my daughter. They will often have a whole seasons worth of shoes and clothing their kids can no longer use and are willing to give it away or sell it at a fraction of the cost. This works for bikes and toys as well.

I bought a whole wardrobe of Spring/Summer clothing from a friend for $25! She needed to get it out of her house and I needed to buy some new clothes for my daughter. It was a win win situation.

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Do you buy or sell through consignment? What about thrift store shopping?

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