Summer Survival Kit: Week 2 – Angel Hands Apron


Awwww! This craft looks so cute and now I can't wait to get my craft on next week! Don't worry, it also looks super easy!

Please check out Marianne's Host Post at The New Frugal Mom – Angel Hands Apron to get the step-by-step instructions, supply list, and c pics! Don't forget to send in pics to Marianne at thenewfrugalmom at gmail and she can post your Angel Hands Apron in her post too! It will be so cool to see just how many types of angels that are here on Earth!

And, many thanks to Marianne for creating the banner above! I really appreciate her taking the extra time so we have something to associate our Summer Survival Kit Series!

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  1. Anonymous on June 18, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Another excellent craft!! Our grass friends have started to grow hair….yeah!! Ginger

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