Easiest Vegetables to Grow

Easiest Vegetables to Grow

Growing a vegetable garden can be a great activity for the whole family to be a part of. The easiest vegetables to grow are also some of the most popular veggies that we love to eat! Home grown vegetables are juicer, taste better, and have more nutrients since they are being eaten right after being picked. There are quite a few vegetables that you can grow in your backyard garden or container garden, and here are the easiest vegetables to grow.

Any plants in the squash family like cucumbers, zucchini, squash, or eggplant are some of the stress-free vegetables to grow. If you like to grow from seed these are large and easy to handle. Just remember to plant them at least 0.5 inch into the soil and gently cover them up. These seeds pop up in about 3 days and are so fun to watch as each day they grow bigger and stronger. Squash family plants can get quite large so sow the seeds or plant the transplants at least 12 inches apart. You should start to see flowers in about 3 weeks and the baby squash after 30 days. So easy to grow and enjoy!

Eggshell Vegetable Planters

Start your seedlings by creating eggshell planters.

Sweet peas are another easy vegetable to grow. They grow best in evenly moist soil and up against a wall or a trellis as they like to climb. Sweet peas have beautiful purple flowers and produce a lot of pea pods. Grow a couple different varieties like snow peas to have different ones to nosh on.

With peas sow new seeds every 10 days so that the peas will ripen at different times and you will always have fresh peas in the house during their growing season.

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable to grow. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from including small grape tomatoes to large Beefsteak tomatoes. When planting the seedling into a container or into the ground, remember the little hairs on the stems are root hairs. Bury the plant up to the first set of true leaves or at least 6” deep. You want a good healthy root system and if you start with a small plant, bury it so that more roots will develop. Don’t worry, it will send up even more stems and leaves.

Stake the tomato plant up so that the fruit isn’t touching the ground where insects can get to it. Most tomatoes are bush varieties and a few will vine out and cover a bit of space. Enjoy growing different kinds to see what grows best in your backyard.

growing your own indoor herb garden

Making an herb garden is easy and frugal!

Spinach, loose leaf lettuce, and kale are easy to grow for the beginning gardener. Mix the seeds together and spread the mixture over an area then cut the baby leaves after they are a couple inches tall. This successive sowing keeps new leaves growing each week and you have made your own spring salad mix. These seeds like to be evenly moist and don’t require a lot of heat to really take off.

These are just a few of the easiest plants to grow in your vegetable garden. Once you have these down, try a few other types and stretch out that new green thumb of yours!

What vegetables do you think are easy to grow?

Garden Planting

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    Thanks for the post. I don’t have many problems growing vegetables…I just have problems keeping the bunnies from eating the vegetables! :-)

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