Use Your Cereal Crumbs

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Beth:

I used to throw away a bag of cereal when I got to the bottom of the bag and there were just crumbs left. I realized that many cereals have other uses for the crumbs.

I eat bran flakes and when the bag gets to the bottom, I throw away the box and save the bag with the crumbs for when I am making salmon patties, meatloaf, cookies, etc. Just take a rolling pin to finish smashing the cereal (inside the bag so there is no mess) and then use it in whatever recipe you want. It is also very good in pancakes.

My son never knows it is there so 100% of the cereal is eaten and it also adds something healthy to other recipes. I suppose you could do the same thing with a cereal that has more sugar; maybe use in cookies or pancakes, but I mainly buy healthier type cereals and love that I am making use of the entire bag (thereby saving money) and making other recipes healthier.

What else do you use that may be tossed instead?
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