Tap In When Dining Out

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Vickie:

When eating at a restaurant, drink water. And not the bottled kind- it has a nice little price tag that adds up very quickly! Ask for tap water.  I have lived overseas where the water quality was a little more questionable, but here in the US we are blessed with water that is safe to drink! And, it is completely free!

And not only in restaurants, but at home. Instead of spending tons of money on sodas and kool-aid and other sugary drinks, just drink water! It is so much cheaper and it is so much healthier. If you start your kids early on just plain ole' water they won't have such a desire for the sugary stuff. And then you have an entire family drinking water! That saves a lot of money! (Of course, don't forget that the kids need milk as well!)

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