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I have shared with you how to get paid to blog using CPA Storm and LogicalMedia, I wanted to share another affiliate I just got paid by, Commission Junction (CJ).

I joined CJ in April and just now got my first payout with the company. They are very much like CPA Storm and LogicalMedia, but the difference is that you have to apply for each company you are interested in using.

For example, I am an affiliate for (I shared about the 20% off discount here, which has since expired). While I am a member of CJ, I still had to apply to be an affiliate for – not every company will approve your application since I have been denied too. I applied for Old Navy and was denied. They don't give you a reason, other than “thanks but no thanks.” My guess is that my demographic isn't what they are seeking, not sure.

CJ doesn't offer any referral benefits either like CPA Storm and LogicalMedia. But, the good thing about all these affiliates is that the more you are members of, the different offers each affiliate has and the more you have to pull from if you are discussing a certain topic.

Regarding payments, you must have a minimum balance of at least $50 to get paid (the minimum balance for a paper check is $100). I just reached that amount so I finally got my first payment from them. And, with CJ, you can have a direct deposit into your checking out. So, the Chase Checking account I opened has all my funds from my ebay, paypal deposits, and now CJ too!

With all the affiliate companies I share about, these will NOT make you rich, but they are nice little snowflakes to accumulate for me – and can be that for you too! Please let me know if you have questions about CJ, or any other affiliates I've shared with you!

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  1. Nancy Kraska says:

    I have used CJ for more than a year. I love their programs and their pay structure. Great Company

  2. I’ve been blogging for about a month and I’ve earned $3.80 through CJ! LOL! Hey, at least it is something. I don’t have a ton of advertising on my website, though.
    I got denied by Coolsavings. I have no idea why!

  3. What are your Favorite company’s with cj!

    1. Jean, I use several. Many of the photo companies are great since the leads have a high conversion rate for me. I also use through them as well. HTH!

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