Begin to Blog: Content Schedule

Content is KING! Seriously, whatever niche you are in, quality content is a MUST!

After you understand what you will be writing, see if there is an opportunity to schedule posts throughout the week. Having this schedule will give your readers some predictability for your site. It also allows you to create impromptu posts or engaging discussions throughout the week.

If you are working in a time-sensitive posting environment (i.e., deals, politics, entertainment news, etc), you could work out a schedule each day you commit to publishing. This will help you set your personal limits and YOU controlling your blog, not the other way around.

For me, having a general schedule of events for the week helps me have balance (which is still a struggle). It also helps me to interact more in comments, with other blogs, and social media sites! If I'm scurrying to share something, post a store deal or other topic, I can't always respond to comments, emails, facebook, twitter (you name it). Not that I can always respond, but it helps having a schedule to keep me focused so I can try! I also try to fit some time in each day to share really good deals.

Each blog will be different regarding how much time they spend. In just content, I probably spend about 15-20 hours a week. I feel like the weeks I plan better and schedule posts, I have a more efficient week. Now, with the social network sites, I spend more time too. That time is more about building my brand and creating relationships (plus, I get to talk to lots of my friends :).

Oh, and there's the thing about having a family too (I'm not taking that lightly either). I am a work at home mom. That means, I work for my family and I work on my business (my blog). Because both of these require a lot of my time, having a schedule I can be focused on and committed to during my *business time* helps me be accountable to self-imposed deadlines.

Working from home is challenging. Try to find a balance that works for you. I used to work part-time from home for a large corporation. I have also been running the site. It is easy to get working and home-life blurred.

Working from home takes so much self-discipline and motivation. Those behaviors make people give 150% to everything! It can be easy to give too much if you aren't careful. This paragraph comes from love and experience :)

Action Plan: Determine if you want your blog to have a schedule. It may not be a fit for your blog. If you do, make the schedule and try to stick with it.

Tips and tricks to starting a blog today from my experience over the past decade as a 6-figure blogger!

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