Snack Time: Bzz Agent

I just finished up my YoMommy yogurt thanks to my membership in the YoBaby and YoMommy Bzz Campaign. It was pretty good. Has lots of folic acid and extra vitamins for expecting moms. NO – I am not expecting!!!! But, as moms, we have to stay healthy so we can take care of our little “YoBaby's.”

This is a campaign I'm in as a result of being a Bzz Agent. Hey, everyone should get extra folic acid and vitamins I say! In this specific campaign, they gave me coupons for FREE yogurt to try and give them my bzz (as they call it) on the yogurt. I also got some coupons to try YoBaby for Andon. It's extremely healthy, all organic and loaded with DHA, but I think we've found that he's allergic to milk just like his older brother was…so…I have some yogurt for C and T to try (they need all the extra brain power too!).

Bzz is not a survey site. It is a community you join to give your opinions as a result of testing products (all types of products). So far, I've tested whitening strips and this yogurt. I've also just joined another campaign on Oust Air Sanitizer so I'm excited to try that out too. You basically get these products and give your honest opinion and write up reports. It doesn't take too much time but they do like detail – so the more, the better!

So, if you're interested in trying out stuff for some cool places, sign up to become a Bzz Agent today!

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