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Cordless Swivel Sweeper Review

Never in a million years would you think a girl would get so happy when her hubby gets her a Christmas present that is for cleaning. But, I tell ya – I have to tell you about this sweeper I got after Christmas (OK – it wasn’t actually a Christmas present, but he got it for me after Christmas since he got me a nice spa day with my girls instead).

If you haven’t heard of this, you will want to take a look at it. The Cordless Swivel Sweeper is the world’s best invention I think. I saw this for the first time at my SIL’s house over Thanksgiving. She whipped out the sweeper and started going at cleaning her hardwood floors, then proceeded to sweep her carpets. I was in awe! My son was even like, “Aunt Stacy, can I do that?” What? I needed one. Well, I knew they had them at CVS and I was going to save up enough ECB’s to get myself one but that never happened so my hubby got me one.

The sweeper runs on a small battery. The battery keeps it’s charge for me for at least 3-4 days. I only use the sweeper on my vinyl flooring so I think if you use it on your carpet it loses the charge faster. The sweeper has a has a 360 swivel head (hence the name, cordless swivel sweeper) and it really does get good into the cracks and corners of your rooms and under tables. And, when the “gunk” container gets full, it’s so easy to take out and empty! I will say that if you’re wanting a cordless sweeper to get the deep dirty in carpets, this won’t do it. But, it’s great for me sweeping my kitchen (the 30 million times a day I do).

I know they sell these at Linens N Things, Kohls, and Amazon (and, CVS!). And, don’t forget you can use a LNT 20% off coupon to get it even cheaper (at LNT, of course)! And, if you want it even cheaper (I know, is that impossible), you could order a gift card from Carrie at MoneySavingMethods for 15% off the total value. I ordered a few from her and used ’em already (I even shared one with my friend)! Check out her blog on details of what she has in stock and how to order! It was super easy and she is very reliable!

If you do get one, please let me know what you think! I really do love mine!!

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