Sell Old Books to Earn Holiday Cash! - Sell Textbooks

I've talked about selling your unused books to earn cash before but I wanted to mention it again as a way to earn some cash for holiday spending!

Right now eCampus is offer a $2 bonus when you sell textbooks to them. If you're like me, it's been a while since I have purchased college textbooks BUT I still have them. If you aren't using yours (as mine lay with dust accumulating), check eCampus to see what they are willing to pay you for them.

They will pay the shipping so all you literally have to do is pack them up, ship away and wait for your cash! I have found that the online sites will actually offer MORE than the campus bookstores. Plus, online stores have a need for a wider selection and the campuses typically only buy back what they need for the year.

If you do sell through eCampus use coupon code EXTRA2 to receive the $2 bonus. This is valid through 12/20/2011 but check your books now so you can get your money in time for your holiday shopping!

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