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On December 1, the FTC came up with some new regulations for the blogging community. Essentially, if we have a link included in our posts that we may make money with, they are suggesting we disclose in the post so our readers are aware.

I have always been open about anything I have received, or trips I have taken. Those are from companies and you may remember seeing a disclosure at the bottom of each post. I also do posts as a partnership with my Ad Network a lot too. I have always disclosed that information as well.

With these new rules, I will be changing up posts a bit and here's how it will affect what you see. I just want to lay this out now so you aren't like “What, Huh, Why are you telling us this?” I want to over-communicate then leaving you with questions.

So, going forward, if there is a post in which I have an affiliate link, meaning I may benefit from your clicking, purchasing or looking (just kidding, not really if you look) at that link, you will see the following message at the bottom of the post:

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

Whew, that was a LOT of work! While the regulations do not state this is necessary for products or deals that I am simply advertising, I am just gonna play it safe and include it in any post where an affiliate link is included. Which means all of my store posts since I am an affiliate for many coupon printing sites.

You can also always review my Disclaimer Policy here (which also resides in the footer on my home page). As a matter of fact, I will be including a link to this very post in my Disclaimer Policy just so I'm square :)

If you are interested in a great recap, my friend Jessica wrote an interesting post here on the new law and how it pertains to the blogging community.

I do think the FTC would be better off putting their energy in, say, celebrities who endorse the latest diet fats and earn millions rather than bloggers who are providing a FREE service and earning a small income (I do realize there are some shady bloggers too though). However, I understand the true goal with these regulations is about being transparent. And, my ultimate goal is to follow regulations, not end up in jail (I doubt that would happen, but I really don't want to go to jail) and to remain transparent to anyone that reads.

I feel I should also clarify that nothing on the site, content-wise or other will change. I hope you have seen that nothing has changed since you have read (and since I have become an affiliate for some companies). My mission stays the same: to help you save on what you need so you can spend on what you want. That's it – period!

With all of that, do you have any questions or concerns? If not, then back to helping you SAVE!

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  1. I didn’t even know the FTC had the power to regulate blogs! Wow…

  2. Yikes. Good to know. I did know about the FTC’s new law, but I thought it only covered things like giveaways. Your friends post make it seem like it should be on our deal postings as well. I may do something similar. Thanks for the info.

  3. What a headache (for you)! Nothing’s easy, but you handle these things seemingly with ease…

  4. Thank you for doing what you do, despite all the hoops to jump through. Thank you for the valuable info that you provide!

  5. Thank you. This was exactly the information that I was looking for. I will be adding a disclosure in my signature, just so I’m covered.

  6. If you truly wanted to be transparent, you wouldn’t put the legally-required disclaimer message in the smallest font possible. Nor would you deliberately disguise your affiliate links to make them appear to be a normal hyperlink when one hovers the mouse cursor over them.

    It is due to deceptive activities like this that we need the FTC to step in and regulate things. Good for them and shame on you.

    1. Larry, I’m sorry but I am one of a few bloggers who actually type out the disclosure in each post that has a compensated affiliate. I put it in a small font because I don’t want it to be the spotlight of the post. BTW, I put a lot of font in smaller font too if you look around some. There is absolutely NOTHING deceptive going on here.

      And, I’m not deliberately disguising my affiliate links. It’s a plugin called Ninja that a LOT of bloggers use. I won’t go into the reasons for using it but it’s not meant to disguise links. And, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING deceptive about that!

      You should look around at other posts, or possibly visit more than once, to make this kind of statement too! You don’t know ME or my blog! And, to be truthful the more the FTC has brought out on these regulations, the more it is very clear they have NO IDEA what they expect of us.

  7. Wow, can I just say wow. You wonder where people like this are coming from or why they are even on the site if they do not like it. I am a single mother of two who works full time, I have been following a lot of you guy’s (blogger’s) for about a year now and want to start my own blog. Reading all of your and many of the others advise is inspiring and helpful. That is one thing that will be hard is people like that, when I know you need to let it roll off your shoulders but it does and would get to ya! Anyways wanted to let you know I appreciate your help and advise!!!

    1. Jessica, thanks! I usually do let most of it roll of my shoulders because I know it’s helping people. Thanks for reading!

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