Popular Homemade Cleaners (and uses for each)

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I used to acquire mass amounts of Household cleaners and stockpile with a good sale. Nowadays, I try to make more and more of what we consume regularly to keep our expenses down. An added benefit is knowing the ingredients that go into the products I'm making, whether it's cleaning or beauty products.

When it comes to cleaning products, I'm sure we all want cleaners that we can trust to not be toxic to our kids and family. I mean, it has to work but not at risking our health. After dealing with some health issues this past year, I am more focused on what the ingredients are in everything we touch.

Here are seven homemade cleaning ingredients and the uses if you want to consider making your own cleaners:

Baking Soda

Perhaps the most popular of home cleaning ingredients, baking soda has so many uses they could not all be listed here. Used largely as a stain remover and odor controller, baking soda also is underrated as a laundry softener. This is a great ingredient to use as a baseline with most homemade cleaners because it gives off a great scent without being overpowering. Baking soda is not just for the fridge any longer.

easy way to keep cleaning supplies organized

Organize your cleaning supplies with this tip!

White Vinegar

If you want to get a toilet that sparkles and smells fantastic, mix some vinegar with baking soda and give it a shot. Vinegar is used for a number of things including mopping floors, wiping down countertops, cleaning bathrooms and even cleaning out old stains.


Specifically Crest because it seems to work the best, but this is a great abrasive. If you need to get a stain off of something that you can’t scrub for fear of scratching, toothpaste is a great alternative. Another great option for this is the baking soda mentioned above. Toothpaste is pretty effective on some stains on fabric as well.

Essential Oil Beginners Set

This essential oils gift set would work for cleaning!

Essential Oils

These oils are a great way to add scent to whatever you are using and creating. The oils are very strong, however and should be used sparingly. Still, essential oils are a vital part of most any homemade cleaning kit.


Want something that will smell great and leave your surfaces shiny? Lemons are a great option. Use lemons on dishes that are especially greasy and the juices in particular. Lemons are a great natural cleaner for most any surface in your kitchen or bathroom.


This is awesome to get rid of stains and to mix for all purpose cleaners. Peroxide is not always easy to mix, so be sure you know what you are doing before you combine it with other ingredients. It is quite powerful and a great tool to have on hand, however.

Copycat Pet Febreeze Spray

Try this homemade Febreze recipe.


If you need something to pick up grease stains or to get rid of stains that are oil based, then cornstarch is your choice. This is a great ingredient because it is totally harmless yet very powerful. It picks up and loosens grease like nothing else in the world.

Understand that all of these ingredients can be quite dangerous if mixed improperly. Make certain they are safe together before mixing new ingredients. Like everything else, you should do your homework before you mix any two ingredients. We will be sharing several homemade cleaner recipes in the weeks ahead too!

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