Affordable Spring Break Fun for Families


Yes, Spring Break. With the winter we have had it seems like our kids have had an extended Winter break and getting some time off in the next few weeks is just making their year! We will likely do something while they are off from school but since we are going on vacation this summer, we won't be spending a lot of money.

Good news is there are lots of free and inexpensive activities for families looking for affordable spring break fun. These are some ideas for getting back to nature and enjoying the warmer weather with your kids.

Indoor Spring Break Activities


Crafts are always a constructive way to entertain children, giving them an opportunity to express their creativity and develop their motor skills. For a seasonal theme, make a May Day basket or paint Easter eggs.

Rock Easter Eggs

Make these cute “Rock” Easter eggs.


Give your home a new look after you get rid of the clutter with a spring cleaning. Removable wall decals are an easy way for kids to personalize their bedroom. For affordable touches in the kitchen and bath, let kids help pick out dishtowels and novelty soaps with flowers and birds or other spring themes.

Prepare Healthy Meals

Spring produce makes it easy to eat lighter. Take your kids shopping for colorful vegetables and fruits like baby carrots, beets and strawberries. Small children can shuck corn and shell peas while older children can learn to cut radish roses.

Menu Meal Planning Binder

Get the kids involved and create a custom menu planning binder. 

Develop a Nature Library

Visit your local bookstore for guidebooks about the flora and fauna in your region. Spend time reading together. Start your own journals about the species you’ve observed and add them to your home library.

Conduct Science Experiments

The change in seasons may make your kids curious about how flowers grow and what causes rain. To get ideas for science experiments you can do at home, visit your local library, websites like PBS, and local science museums.

Plan your Summer Vacation

Get a head start on your summer vacation by giving your kids research projects. If you know your destination, they can look for kid friendly activities in the area and local museums and parks.

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Outdoor Spring Break Activities

Start a Garden

Introduce your kids to the fundamentals of gardening. You can grow your own vegetables and flowers. For young children, break tasks down into simple steps and get them their own child size tools to keep it fun.

Eggshell Vegetable Planters

Start your garden with these eggshell vegetable planters.

Go for a Picnic

The first picnics of the year always feel special. Let kids help plan the menu and prepare easy salads and sandwiches. Bring along a Frisbee so you can get some exercise.

Play Ball

Check out your local youth sport leagues or just put up a basketball hoop in your driveway. Look for free or inexpensive venues in your hometown where you can play tennis or golf.

Celebrate Earth Day

Plan something special for Earth Day on April 22. Browse through community calendars for organized events or design your own family celebration. You could plant trees or decorate your compost pile. Take a field trip to a recycling center or a bird rescue sanctuary.


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Become Nature Artists

Spring is a great time to enjoy the beauty of nature and develop your artistic abilities. Take a walk and bring a sketchpad along. You can make quick drawings of the plants and animals you see and use them to develop your own comic strip. Collect interesting objects like stones and seashells.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering is a great way for families to spend time together and give back to their communities. Look for opportunities through your church or school, or consult a volunteer clearinghouse. You could help build homes for low-income families or clean up your local park.

Your family can enjoy spring break without having to spend a lot of money. Focus on spending time together and enjoying activities that enrich your lives and improve your community.

What are some inexpensive Spring Break ideas you would add?

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