Cut Cost by Using YouTube

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Stephanie:

YouTube has “how to” videos for almost anything out there. Whenever we run into a problem, my husband always looks up how to fix the problem himself before he calls a handyman.

He took our dishwasher apart when it stopped working, and he found a penny lodged inside of it. That would have cost us about a hundred dollars to have someone come out to find a penny! He cracked the screen on his $600 touch phone, the insurance deductible was $150. Instead he went to eBay, ordered a new screen and tiny tools for $20 and watched a step by step video on YouTube how to replace the screen. And tada it worked like brand new again! That saved us $130!

We never replace anything broken without first looking up directions on YouTube. This has saved us hundreds of dollars!

I will admit I don't refer to YouTube enough for instructional videos. It is surpassing google as the #1 ranked traffic site so it is wildly popular and effective!

BTW, I have several videos on my personal You Tube channel related to saving money. Subscribe and get updates when I load new videos there. I don't always post them here if I don't have the time.

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