Crockpot Italian Tortellini Soup Recipe

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Vickie:

I love hearty soups in the winter and this is one of my favorites, Italian Tortellini Soup.

Crockpot Italian Tortellini Soup Ingredients

[  ] 1 lb, Italian Sausage
I buy either Kroger's or Meijer's bulk Itailian Sausage.

[  ] 5 cups, Chicken Stock
I make my own chicken stock. In fact one of the earlier savings tips, Ways to Use a Whole Chicken, gave the recipe for making chicken stock. When I make this, I freeze it in 5-cup increments.

[  ] 1 cup, Zucchini, quartered and sliced
My parents grow zucchini in the summer, so I make sure that I freeze plenty of zuchinni for this and other soups. Another tip that was submitted earlier was freezing your own veggies.

[  ] 1 can (14.5 oz), Diced Tomatoes with Italian Herbs
Or you can add add italian seasoning to your diced tomoatoes.

[  ] 1.5 cups, Dried Cheese Tortellini
I buy this bulk from either Sams or GFS.

Cooking Directions

{Step 1} Cook and crumble your italian sausage.

{Step 2} Add all ingredients to your crockpot and let it cook on slow for 4 to 6 hours.

I figure this recipe costs me around $5 to make and it's simple to prepare.

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 18, 2012

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