Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas is on! My kids have been reminding me daily of how many days until Christmas is here. Have yours been doing the same? So, here is what you need…

Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar!

Now, our boys always have an advent calendar of some sort. It is a tradition for their granny to purchase them the same kind she purchased for my husband and his brother when they were kids. It's the kind where you open each flap and a new piece of chocolate is inside.

She would buy those advent calendars at the PX on base back then. She now buys them at the PX on base now but gets them for our boys. You can find them most anywhere now though. I prefer Aldi myself since I personally love their chocolates (not that I even get to eat any of them…).

The one issue with these advent calendars is that my boys have zero self control. They want ALL THE CHOCOLATES on the first of December. Little hooligans! :D

At any rate, this is a fun activity to do with your kiddos as they countdown to Christmas! We will be printing this for our boys this year, along with whatever other Advent calendars they do get from granny too. It's clear they just need the chocolate. :D

Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Supplies

Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar Directions

  1. Print advent calendar on card stock paper.
  2. Glue or use double sided tape to attach Hershey Kisses to each numbered circle.
  3. To hang, simply punch a hole in the top center of the paper. Run a string or ribbon through and hang on a thumb tack or nail.
  4. Starting December 1, remove and unwrap a Hershey Kiss (starting with the bottom of the tree #25 working backwards) for a daily dose of chocolate!
  5. On December 25th, the last Hershey Kiss can be enjoyed and Christmas day has arrived.

We have already decorated our home for Christmas this year! This is the earliest we have ever decorated and it gave us some time to purge some old decorations that we hadn't used in years too! I love that it's done and ready for us to enjoy as we enter the season.

I hope your family goes into this Christmas season with joyous anticipation!

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