Gift Ideas for Boys

Gift Ideas for Boys

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, boys can be a little challenging sometimes. If you take your time and really dig into what they like, you can usually find something ideal. Some gifts seem to work for most any boy of the right age. These are gifts that are both fun and useful so they are sure to be enjoyed and greatly appreciated. Here are some outstanding gift choices for each age group:

0-12 Months

There are many different options for this age group. One toy that boys will love is a Wonder Wheel. It has mirrors, colored textures and patterns for a true visual feast. It is easy to play with and it is inexpensive.

1-2 Years

The Go Car is a toy that all little boys will enjoy. They can crawl around and push the car along with them. The wheels are rubber so the car pushes smoothly. It incorporates a handle so that the littlest hands can steer and push without issue.

3-4 Years

A shopping playset is fun and it can provide several learning opportunities for toddlers. This set can be used to identify colors, to learn to count and to learn to identify different foods. Kids can also improve motor skills with things like packing the grocery bag.

5-7 Years

Wearables are really great for this age group because it allows for imagination play and being active. This involves corrugated cardboard to create something like a plane. There are shoulder straps so that the plane stays in place as your child simulates flying or even being a plane. Mom or dad will need to help put this together.

8-11 Years

Spot It! MLB Edition is a game that will test your child's MLB knowledge. This is a matching game that adults can enjoy too so you can play as a family. There are logos for all MLB teams and different baseball-related images and icons to identify and match.

12-14 Years

A sketching kit is good for this age group because it allows boys to express themselves. Boys tend to bottle things up and they do not commonly release their feelings in a diary. A sketch pad allows them to demonstrate some teenage angst in a constructive and creative manner.

15 Years and Older

A disc golf set is a cool option for older teen boys. This can be used in a large basement or anywhere outside. The kits come with everything that you need to play this game. This is a really good option if you like to do sports together as a family because everyone can play at once.

What other gift ideas do you have for boys?

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