Easy and Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This is a guest post from my Aunt Mary! She created this for her own Thanksgiving Centerpiece and I wanted to share it with all of you – Enjoy!

With many homemade or craft projects, the cost of the materials can add up quickly. With this Thanksgiving Centerpiece, I focused more on the ease in creation as well as the lowest possible cost. You can really use anything from around your house and not have to purchase anything new. That's always a plus!

I made this in about an hour and it looks beautiful on my table. I don't know if I will light the candles or not, but it would be completely safe to do so. Here is what you will need to make this Thanksgiving Centerpiece:


: : Soup Tureen or Large Decorative Bowl

: : Candles
Search for candles around your house. I purchased new ones at a discount store on sale.

: : Bird Seed
Purchase just enough to fill half of the bowl. You could also use beans, stones, or glass marbles. I like the bird seed so I can feed the birds after Thanksgiving.

: : Thanksgiving Picks or Leaves
See if you have any left over as part of an old decoration from last year.

: : Newspaper and clear plastic wrap (i.e., Saran)


: : Crumble the newspaper and put it inside the bowl until it is about 3/4 filled.

: : Place the clear wrap on top of the crumbled paper.
This will help hold whatever you are using so it will not fall to the bottom.

: : Pour the bird seed over the top of the clear wrap and smooth out.
This should fill the bowl to just under the rim.

: : Place the candles around the inside of the bowl.
Add a few leaves, pumpkins, gourds or whatever else you may have too!

: : If you have a platter, like I do, you can add a few decorations around the bottom. If you are using a bowl, maybe lay some picks around the bottom of your bowl.

After Thanksgiving, you can feed the birds and start over, only using Christmas items from around the house. I always recycle and reuse from previous centerpieces and decorations. I'll use a few of these items for my Christmas centerpiece too (which I will share)!

Enjoy your Centerpiece and the Holiday!

Aunt Mary will be sharing some inexpensive ways to to decorate as well as some frugal DIY stuff over the holidays. Be sure to send us an email if you need some ideas or want help. She has a talent for making the ordinary into something extraordinary (I'm amazed we're related since I am SO NOT that way)! And, I'll always refer to her as Aunt Mary when she shares anything here because I'll be in trouble if I don't :)

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on November 18, 2010


  • Kristin - November 18, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

    Your Aunt Mary needs to come visit my home and decorate the whole thing. I have entire spaces on walls where I just am clueless about decorating it. We moved into my grandmother’s home 2 years ago, and our styles were different, so once I decided to no longer keep it a shrine to her and started taking things down it started to just look bare. I’m caught between loving some of the antique pieces I have, like my coffee table and end tables, and wanting a more modern look. HGTV is becoming my best friend!

    • The Savings Lifestyle: Andrea - November 18, 2010 @ 5:28 pm

      Oh, Kristin, she would totally do something like that too! Sometimes she’ll come to visit and she’s more focused on ideas for decorating our home than catching up! I appreciate her creativity since I lack it. My husband actually does most of the decorating for us when we purchase items. Although, I’m starting to do a few more creative home decor things now like adding apples to a bowl. Woah, it’s craziness, I know but it does take some thought – baby steps I guess :)

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