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Welcome to Savings Lifestyle. Our motto is to save on what you need so you can spend on what you want. Saving isn't a project just using coupons it's a way of life! I'm Andrea, the founder of the site. Focused couponing and saving helped our family get out of debt and pay for our infant son's surgery. You can find more about me, and the team here at Savings Lifestyle, here.

The hot topic thanks of the TLC “Extreme Couponing” show is couponing. It's completely possible to save a lot of money but the show makes it look a little, well, extreme. And the stores are now changing policies because so many are clearing out store shelves and not being mindful of other people who may need just one of something as they picked up the last 30!

In the segments that aired on World News and GMA (which also aired on WCPO in Cincinnati) I shared some of my thoughts on how to be a respectful shopper. I truly believe that you can save thousands a year without extreme measures. In fact, one year our family saved $6,500 on our groceries using coupons. There was nothing extreme about it either!

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Feel free to send us a question about anything related to couponing or saving. We're happy to help your coupon understanding so you can be an extreme saver without the extreme measures!

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