Make Your Own Plastic Bag Holder

Bag Holder Tutorial DIY

Here is another easy (and free) DIY project from my friend, Emily.

To me, there is nothing worse than clutter. I am always trying to find ways to reduce the clutter as much as I can with 3 little ones! One of my favorites would have to be the ‘Tissue Box Plastic Bag Holder’ A super easy way to reuse something that is just going to get thrown away in the recycle box.

Bag Holder Tutorial DIYThis is how I used to keep my bags in the pantry. The only logical place the Cloth Plastic Bag Holder was on the door handle.  Every time I would open or close the door of the pantry it would swing around like a bat waiting to whack one of the kids in the head.

Bag Holder Tutorial DIYYou can find the cutest design but it will cost you. I went for the cheapest option a few years ago at $2.99. I know I know, that isn’t much, but when you can find something for free, it’s definitely for me!

Here are the supplies……It’s a complicated DIY freebie as you can tell ;) Any tissue box will do. I tend to go with the smaller square ones versus the longer rectangle to maximize the space under my sink where I keep this little guy.

Voila, the final product. He is a happy little tissue box filled to the brim with the local grocery plastic bags.

Bag Holder Tutorial DIY

And here is his home under the sink living next to his cleaning product friends. All is happy in my clutter free world now :)

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  1. Old baby wipes containers also work wonderfully for this.

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