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I shared with you that I received $60 from completing surveys for P&G's Consumer Village here (expired). These were surveys about my personal hygiene product usage and other household items. Well, I just took part in a research study for them this week and I got information from the Consumer Village staff to share with you if you're interested in joining yourself. While I first heard about this panel opportunity through Inbox Dollars, you can follow these steps to join the P&G Consumer Village panel directly:

  1. Go to www.joinconsumervillage.com
  2. Click the “Click Here To Begin the Questionnaire”
  3. Complete all the information in the questionnaire as requested

They also include a number to call if you have questions, which is (513) 627-4600.

I was told that it will take approximately 3-6 months to get on the call list for research studies and surveys, but rest assured your information is processing – they have a lot of interest so it takes them a while to get through all the new member questionnaires. Again, as I mentioned here with all the surveys and groups I am a part of, these will NOT make you rich, but it might fill up your gas tank! It's always nice to get out and participate, or even do something online and get a few extra bucks!

Are you a member of P&G's Consumer Village? While we can't share details about the research studies, but don't you think it's interesting to get to participate in the various studies as well as just give your opinion? It's neat to see the product finally hit the market and know that you had an impact on the development!

While P&G is headquartered in Cincinnati, you could still apply online and see if you receive any online surveys like I have in the past. You might even be able to do some product testing via mail, not sure how that works but it's worth a shot!

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  1. Interesting….Are they surveys conducted over the phone? How long do they usually take?

  2. Brooke, the surveys I have done with them have been either a mailed paper survey that I mailed back or an online survey, no phone surveys yet. I have had to qualify for research studies on the phone, though so there was some phone interaction. HTH!

  3. Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com says:

    I applied. But, I am assuming I won't qualify.

    I never do with P&G, since my hubby works at J&J. They consider them competitors, I guess.

    Wish I could…they always have the great diaper studies going on that all my friends take part in..oh, well

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