Holiday Shopping and Saving: Shop Online

Before a deal is even brought to you, I want to share some of the ways I shop online to earn and save my money!!!

There are three sites I primarily use to shop online in order to earn a few bucks, they are:


  1. Ebates: You can read about Ebates here (expired). I used Ebates last year at Christmas and earned around $100 just from shopping online.
  2. BigCrumbs: You can read about BigCrumbs here (expired). Again, it's like Ebates.
  3. Upromise: You can read my snack on Upromise here (expired). Again, like both sites above only the money is deposited into a 529 holding account for college (which you can withdrawal if you want).

All three sites have stores that others don't have, or maybe the cash back is higher at one versus the other. I switch up using all three sites so I'm getting the most cash back! Deciding which is best for you really depends on where you want your cash back to accumulate.

So, as you see a deal here or anywhere, be sure to check one of those sites to see if there is a cash back opportunity waiting for you!

Be sure to read my snacks on each site so you have an understanding of the benefits they offer!

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  1. James & Aimee says:

    There is also a great coupon site I use often. It’s You can get online coupn codes for stores that offer them. Might be worth checking out. Thanks for all the great shopping tips you have for saving money :)

  2. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks says:

    Thanks Aimee!! I have a couple of those sites I am going to share in the next few days. Retailmenot is a good one though!

  3. Therapy Mom says:

    Do you know if is affliated with any of those???

  4. Therapy Mom says:

    P.S. Therapy mom = $5 Dinner Mom!

  5. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks says:

    Erin – (you are holding a lot of alias’ huh??)…no, Amazon doesn’t do any cash back.

    But, I think the deals they offer are pretty good sometimes too. I’m actually planning on sharing info on them too!

  6. Valerie Deneen says:

    I never knew about BigCrumbs. This is really helpful, thanks!

  7. As many sites have been taking the way out for the holidays, whether the couple sites, holidays resort sites, shopping, gaming etc. Those sites help me a lots and i stick with all this when i have to go out my holidays time. is one them. I love shopping and the advantage from online shops makes me feel easy. I will be visiting all place and shops with my couple this Christmas.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    For those who enjoy online shopping and also have a U.S. Bank Cash Bonus Visa Debit Card, through December 31 you can earn triple cash back rewards at participating merchants (,,,, etc.). You have to go through to get to the list of vendors, but last year I earned $75 in rewards. The rewards range from 3% to 25%

  9. EdAtUpromise says:

    Andrea, thanks for the mention on your Mommy Snacks blog!

    We have just re-launched our Upromise Community, a place where members (and visitors) can ask questions about our Services, Partners, and look for hot deals.

    I hope that you pay us a visit and share some links upcoming Snacks.

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