Savings Snack: YTD Savings

As I was entering all the receipts into my grocery savings chart, I thought I would share the following numbers for my grocery spending/savings YTD – they are truly amazing:

YTD 2008 Spend: $1,370
Total OOP: $1,200.89 which excludes all CVS purchases since most/all were paid with gift cards or ECB's (or mere pennies)
YTD Savings: $1,493 (60%)

These numbers are amazing! And, I have an awesome stockpile to prove it! Doing this doesn't take a whole lot of time. Obviously, I spend more time than most because I try to write up the deals for ya'll, but seriously, YOU can do this too.

And, of course, I have found some amazing resources to help me achieve this:

The Grocery Game. Check out my snack on this here (expired). If the site asks for an email as a referrer, please use me :-) my email is ardeckard at yahoo

Hotcouponworld. This is an amazing site that has sooo much to even list. I use this primarily for printing out target coupons, finding coupons to match up with my deals (in the coupon database), and the CVS/Walgreens discussion forums (with ad previews). There are so many couponers that are far better than me and I love to hear the scenarios and hidden deals. My friends have complained there is too much “talking” and I would tend to agree. That is the only downfall. Plus, they say I do it for them now too so…hmmm…anything to save them a buck!

MoneySavingMom. Crystal is the author of this amazing blog and the content is a lot like HCW but with less chatter – kind of like here. She has talk on lots of stores, but my favorite posts are on CVS and Walgreens scenarios – I like to see what Crystal puts together and her readers' suggestions.

BeCentsible. This is new blog I've found and I mentioned them in this week's snack summary. The site has lots of different stores with great bloggers matching up the deals for you. I like it because the authors cut to the meat of the deals (and there's not community chatter in the posts). Check it out if you have another store you like to shop, or even for more details on the stores I snack about!

Those are just a few resources I have personally used to get to my savings of $1500 this year! I also wrote a Saving Money Summary a while back on ways to help in grocery spending as well. Check it out here (expired) for ways I'm able to save/earn money on other stuff too!

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  1. That is great baby-keep it up!

  2. What do you use for your savings chart? I want to do this, but don’t know exactly what to track. It would be great to see an example of yours.

  3. alexis – I just realized I hadn’t responded to your request. I use an excel spreadsheet that I got from Hotcouponworld (I think). I tried to go back and find it, but I couldn’t locate the same one. I can email you a copy of mine if you want. It has the store, price spent, price saved, total price and gives the % saved and has a cumulative for the year and then gives an average spend for the year as well. It’s very nice.

    Again, let me know if you’d like an emailed copy!

  4. Andrea- I am new at couponing and was wondering if you could email me the excell sheet. I have looked for it but can’t find it.


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