Financial Shape in 2008 Challenge

ETA: The “T” in SMART has been added to our goals this year! Not sure how I forgot to include dates!!

Crystal at Money Saving Mom has challenged us to get our finances in shape for 2008. Before I heard about this, I had already started the process to do that very thing this year by going on a cash diet (not spending any money outside of the budget at all)! Some of our main financial goals this year are:

  1. September 2008: Pay off all of our consumer debt this year using the philosophy of Dave Ramsey's snowball and envelope system.
  2. December 2008: Have hubby max out his 401k contribution.
  3. December 2008: Put monies accumulated each week from grocery savings into savings so I can begin to have a tangible result of my efforts. I may not be “working” but I am “working” on saving our family moola! Until #1 is achieved, this will have to be put on our debt!
  4. September 2008: Start 529 plans for the boys college.
  5. December 2008: Put monies aside for nice new hardwood flooring.

I realized all of these goals are fall/winter 2008. And, I have done that because I know these are realistic dates for us! We will be plugging away at #1 and until that one is completed, the others will have to wait.

Those are just a few of ours. I realize being vocal about this is being vulnerable and that's OK for me. I think it's my way of holding myself accountable when others can see what my goals are!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We plan on doing the same thing for our family this year. We’re motivated to do this since we’re paying for to “homes”! Good Luck!

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