Update on Financial Shape in 2008

I am so happy to report this. Just today, I have paid off 25% of our consumer debt!!! I'm so thrilled because it takes us one more step in achieving our personal financial goals for 2008!

And, even though it's on day 2 of my cash-only diet, I have had to use our credit cards already – but it was our debit card and it came right out of our bank account (my son needed lunch money and it's easier to load the money online than sending in a check).

So, if you're on this same journey of trying to live debt-free, or just have personal financial goals of your own, I will cheer you on and please do the same for me. It feels great achieving this baby step. I'm excited to keep going!

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  1. Kingdom First Mom says:

    That is wonderful! I have the same goal, Andrea. I look forward to achieving it along with you!

  2. Mom of Faith says:

    You are doing a great job! Keep up the good/hard work! We have mostly the same goals for ourselves this year (except we want to buy a house)and I’m constantly working on finding ways to help us achieve them.

  3. mom_of2boys says:

    You go girl! I’m glad to see that you are really making some good progress.

  4. Great job on paying down your debt. It feels good doesn’t it?

  5. momof4sweetsisters says:

    25% that is Super! I really enjoy using cash again. There have been a couple of times were I wished I could have stretched it much further. That’s when it can be tempting dip into who knows what account!

  6. Great work! I know some folks don’t agree, but I use my debit card as though it is cash – since it comes out of our checking immediately, and there’s no interest charge. Actually in our case we *earn* money from our bank for using our debit cards, so it works out even better for us.

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