Reader PF Story: Trying to Fix What Was Broken

This is the second personal finance post from Katherine of Simple Savings Mom. You can read the first part here


So. New town. New home. New ministry. During this new and exciting time, we did not really address any further our financial issues, they really just got pushed aside in the newness of everything. For the first year we both ministered on the campus full time, but we started planning on trying to get pregnant in the near future. With this desire we knew we were going to have to do something to address our debt problem immediately. We decided for me to work full time for a year and attempt to pay off our debt as much as possible the next college school year.

I applied to the college at the time they were about to open a Starbucks store on campus. Need I say we loovvveee coffee!!! I applied to be a supervisor and got the job! I loved working for the college and Starbucks, I was able to work with college students and also a great coffee company! During the year we did get pregnant and we knew at the end of the year I would stay home with our baby so my time would end with Starbucks at the end of the year. Through the income we made during this year we paid off my school loan and a significant amount on our credit cards. But in the end, we still had some debt leftover though it was significantly lower.

After the birth of our first son, I became a stay at home mom and loved it. Our financial life was still precarious but we were new parents and were making small stabs at our debt situation, we were essentially surviving. We continued to teeter on the brink with our debt situation but we mainly put it on the back burner as much as possible. Are you seeing a trend here? Avoidance. We wanted everything but did not want to sacrifice anything to get where we wanted.

After 6 months after our first boy was born we found out we were pregnant. Unfortunately, our pregnancy did not last very long and we found ourselves in the midst of a miscarriage. Soon summer rolled around and during that time my dad who had suffered from kidney cancer for a few years, health declined very quickly. Around the same time we discovered that we were pregnant again…

Katherine blogs at Simple Savings Mom where she shares about frugal living, great deals, and couponing. She and her family are enjoying the creativity and adventurous life of learning to live on less and ministering to college students full time. She is the mother to two young boys and wife to BJ.

If you would like to share your personal finance story, please share it with me via the Guest Post Submission page. I would love to hear it, and share, in hopes to inspire someone as well!!

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