Reuse Wax Bag Liners

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Gina:

I save money on wax paper and baggies and at the same time I'm good to the environment by using the inner liner wax bags from cracker, cookies or cereal boxes. Simply dump out the extra crumbs and clean it out and you can use these for packing lunches, freezing, separating meats,etc.

Since cereal boxes and cracker boxes come in different sizes you can use them in several different ways. You will never have to buy wax paper again.

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This is SO smart! They do that when you buy a pack of hamburgers already frozen. Do you reuse your wax bag liners?

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  1. I have definitely reused the cereal bag when I was out of wax paper and needed to cool my Caramel Chex Mix. Otherwise, I hadn’t really thought about it.

  2. This was a tip from my “lived through the depression” grandma. She uses them to repackage portions from large meat purchases. Wax bag, folded over with a rubber band, then a freezer bag. When you pull it out of the freezer, the freezer bag is clean and reusable, the wax bag goes in the trash. Pretty savvy if you ask me.

  3. summergal says:

    I use them when I take a couple of frozen chicken breasts out of a larger bag to thaw before dinner. I also use them as waxed paper. It is such a simple item to recycle in this way, but it makes me feel good about helping the environment. I like Mindy’s idea about putting food to be frozen in them, then in a freezer bag. I will incorporate that into my kitchen routine. Thanks for the good ideas.

  4. I use them when pounding raw chicken. I put the chicken inside the bag before pounding. This prevents any juice from being splattered on my work surface.

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