Tired of Mommy Wars and Sick Kids?

This week, some of my old friends went on another trip. A similar trip that T and I experienced last May. Yes, that trip is with World Vision. While they are not returning to the DR, they are going to another impoverished land, Bolivia.

I've read through many of the posts the Bolivia bloggers have shared during their trip. If I'm being honest, I have shed tears over my keyboard during their trip from hearing the stories. I can feel the passion in their voices to get the message out in hopes that just one child will be changed forever as a result of helping share their story. I'm in earnest prayer for them and the people that they meet.

In one post, Rachel talks about the “mommy wars.” But, it truly hit me when I saw her example of the battles the mothers of Bolivia face: “Should we pay for a mosquito net or a vaccine?” Can you imagine the struggle of this decision? It's a lot different than the choices I make on a daily basis with the boys.

Then I read Matthew's post today about being sick and tired. You know, of hearing about kids who are sick and tired and it hit me.  I never get tired of hearing the stories from these trips. Sometimes it's not easy to hear to be honest. I wish I had a mountain of cash overflowing so I could sponsor more kids but we can't. That's why it takes a village. Others can sponsor a child and welcome them into their family.

You can follow all of the Bolivia Blogger's stories here. And, if you are compelled, sponsor a child. It's $30 a month. I've saved that amount this week alone by foregoing my fancy coffee. It is life changing and I guarantee you will be blessed far greater than those kids.


  1. mpt on September 8, 2011 at 6:57 pm


    Just wanted to say thank you for this lovely mention. I realized that I never said thank you… I’m very sorry about that. Your support means so much…


    • Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on September 8, 2011 at 7:07 pm

      mpt, no need to thank me! :) I enjoyed reading all of the posts. It brought back so many good memories!

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