Bundle Purchases to Save on Food and Gas Costs

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Victoria:

I shop only once a month by bundling my grocery list and my household lists. I save not only on gas but also on deals for food items since I buy lots of the same things to last a month.

Shopping at places like sam's buying bulk and once a month might seem like a lot of money coming out at the same time but it can potently save the shopper $1200 a year if not more. That savings is in groceries alone, not including the gas prices you save by only going shopping once.

We visit the warehouse clubs for a set list of items about every quarter. I always like knowing things are stocked and I can get in and out in one trip in case I don't get some of the sales at the grocery stores. Since my friend and I share a membership, it's really cheap to have access to the warehouse prices when/if we ever need them.

Do you find savings benefits by shopping at Warehouse clubs?

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