Make Homemade Napkins and Save

Photo Credit: Lindsay from Passionate Homemaking. Tutorial linked below. 

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Bradi:

I love to coupon, but one day after scoring a deal on some paper towels, I got to thinking just how many paper towels we use and how much that adds up to a month (anywhere from 4-6 rolls). I also got to thinking about how much waste is going into the landfills.

Just my hubby and myself, we use 28-32 paper towels per week for our meals alone not to mention how much one uses paper towels to wipe up spills or clean up with. I decided that was way to much waste trash wise and money wise, so we just started using fabric napkins. You can pick them up very cheap from flea markets or discount stores. Why not take your savings even further and make your own napkins?

Ask family or friends for any extra fabric they don't want. All you need to do is cut out even squares and hem around each edge. Now you have FREE napkins that you can pop in the washer and reuse for years to come! With the use of REAL napkins and dish towels for spills you can go from one or more rolls of paper towels a week to 1 or less per month! Imagine an 8 roll pack of paper towels lasting 8 months!!! That is not only a money saver to you, but it equals less trash for all of us =)

I recently found a tutorial for making 20 napkins from a bed sheet.  I could see more savings potential than just everyday napkins. I could see handmade christmas gifts! Just add some stamps, stencils, or embroidery. VOILA – major savings all around!

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