11 Peanut-Free Safe Snack Ideas

Peanut Free Safe Snack Ideas

As I mentioned when we purchased our generic epi-pens, both Andon and T have very strong peanut allergies. T’s is actually so bad that doctors have commented on several occasions his reaction from testing is the worst they have seen. The irony in that is he (and Andon) can eat items that were manufactured in a facility with nuts. I know some kids can’t even smell them for risk of going into anaphylactic shock. NO matter how bad you think you have it, there are others who have it even worst.

For the first few years of public school, T would sit at the peanut-free table. I realize that was for his own safety, but talk about alienating a kid! I trusted that he would know what to eat and touch. This may sound bad, but it was the other kids I didn’t trust. Kids nowadays think it’s funny to taunt one another with things like that and as horrible as that is, there was no way I could protect him in a situation like that other than to keep him separated during lunch.

Now with Andon in pre-school, I am actually lucky he’s not the only one with a peanut allergy! Another little girl in his class seems to be worse than him. I totally empathize with the mom too since I’ve been there with T throughout his 11 years.

As a pre-schooler, they get to take snacks in and our pre-school is VERY strict when it comes to nuts! I wish all schools were like this, honestly. I used to feel bad when we would go to T’s open houses and the teacher would announce that a student had a nut and egg allergy (which he has both and even more).

As soon as they would make the announcements, the other parents would sigh and seem annoyed. If you are one of those parents that react in that way, I understand the frustration BUT it’s my kids’ life we’re talking about. I don’t care if I inconvenience anyone :)

I should say there were those parents who knew this and went out of their way to make him special treats without eggs. Those parents pretty much rocked!

Back to the snacks…

Our pre-school didn’t just say “you can’t bring foods with nuts” they also gave us a list of suggested items that are safe so parents had several ideas to offer. I appreciated this so much because even with Andon having a nut allergy, his sensitivity isn’t as severe for the items are are produced in a facility with nuts (he can have plain M&M’s, for example). So, I needed to make sure I stayed in compliance with his snacks as well for the other children’s safety.

  1. Fresh Fruit
  2. Pretzels
  3. Goldfish
  4. Mott's Fruit Snacks
  5. Oreo Cookies
  6. Teddy Grahams
  7. Raisins
  8. Lay's Chips
  9. Sun Chips
  10. Fruit Leather

If you need ideas in case you are faced with a similar snack restriction for your child’s school or other activities for sports or church, this is a great list. All credit goes to the Liberty Heights Preschool staff!

And, I’ll throw this one in since Andon (and mommy) loves ‘em. #11, Kashi TLC Cereal Bars. No traces of anything nut in those and lots of goodness!

Do you have other suggestions for Peanut-Free Safe Snacks?

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  1. Esther L. says:

    Thanks Andrea for this! My youngest (23 months) has a peanut/tree nut allergy. Getting that initial diagnosis knocked me backwards! However, we are so blessed that the daycare he attends is completely nut free, which is a huge relief. I read through the list in your post and chuckled. Almost all of those items are staples in our pantry! Thanks for your candid post on being the parent of a child with a food allergy–it was a pleasure to read!

    1. Esther, thanks for commenting! As moms with kids and these severe allergies it is awesome to have schools that will accommodate for the allergies!! I failed to mention that our youngest is ALSO allergic to milk SO he can’t even have goldfish. Which is like a separate food group at their age, it seems! He’ll be eating pretzels for a LONG time!

  2. My daughter had a very allergic classmate when they were in first grade. When it came time to bring in a birthday treat, my daughter asked me if she could bring Rice Krispie Treats for the class, as her classmate IS allowed to eat those (the girl’s mom actually had given a box of them to the teacher to keep in class so that if an “unsafe” treat came in, there would be something for her daughter.)
    I hosted a birthday party at home for my daughter and called this girl’s mom to ask about what foods I could serve. The mom was thrilled to help me come up with a menu of fun party foods that everyone could eat.
    Personally, I never mind accommodating food allergies. Kids who are just plain picky are another story–but allergies can be life-threatening. I’d rather the child’s parents be up-front about it and suggest safe food ideas. Thanks for this list–I’m going to keep it!

    1. Barb, you are awesome for doing that!! I can’t tell you how much that means to a mom with children who have allergies!!

  3. I agree, those parents who try to bring snacks for the allergic kids ROCK! I have a child with Cod, peanut, and egg allergies; and another with tree nuts allergy. (both also have waaaaaay more allergies, those are simply the deadly ones we have)
    I hate it when my kids miss out on…pretty much every single snack brought to church/church fellowships/after school groups, etc. It’s sad. My boys understand. But it is still sad for them.
    I do not let either of them eat anything process with nuts either. One of them went into shock, on 2 separate occasions, due to his allergy shots. I NEVER want to see my child like that again…therefore, ZERO risks for us! :D (Although I respect your choice, of course. I also know other families that choose to do the same as you:) )
    Back on topic, that is a nice list. Very helpful to non-allergy people, so they’ll have ideas of what to bring so that everyone can enjoy!
    ps. we stopped the allergy shots after the 2nd anaphylactic shock! :)

  4. Yogurt tubes or pudding cups

  5. As a mom of a 2 1/2 year old who was diagnosed about two months ago with a severe peanut allergy I thank you for this. I am lucky that the daycare he is in is peanut-free but I worry when there is a party. I always send a peanut-free treat (was told by a friend with a severely allergic daughter that popems are good) just in case.

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