OfferMatic: New Way to Earn Cash Back Online!

In this week's giveaway, Candise commented with getting a great deal on Amazon thanks to the site, OfferMatic. I was surprised to see her comment since I just received information from the company directly on the ways people can earn cash rebates by using this new online shopping site.

So, I signed up. It was easy enough to do. But, the hesitation I had is when you really find how you get the discounts with the site, which is something I've not seen before. You enter your online credit card or bank login information and OfferMatic taps into your statement. You then receive cash back offers of participating OfferMatic retailers based on where you shop the most. So, it's pretty tailored to where you actually shop, which is nice.

I want to talk about the financial information for a minute since I know many people will be hesitant on this. The process OfferMatic uses to gain your information is exactly how the finance site,, obtains your financial information. It's safe and secure and you can rest assured that only OfferMatic knows where you are spending NOT what you are spending it on. You can read more information on the security precautions taken at and click on “why it's safe.”

So, where does earning cash back come in? I'm getting to that! Since OfferMatic can see where you are shopping the most based on your purchases on those cards, you receive offers from those merchants to save. For example, I signed up our family credit card and immediately received two offers from Target. I guess I have shopped there a lot these past few months!

The offer came to me via email and stated I simply needed to shop through the customized link in my OfferMatic account and I would receive the discount (for a $5/$10 purchase and a $15/$30 purchase). I haven't made any online purchases to test this out yet. I am hoping for a good Target daily deal before my deal expires!

It doesn't hurt that OfferMatic also has a referral program too! The more people you refer, the better offers you can unlock. You also earn points which you can redeem for rewards (and great gift cards!). Remember, to find ways you can earn referral credit without a blog if you find companies you love! There's no reason you shouldn't get credit – Candise got credit for me!

So, overall, OfferMatic is another way to earn cash back online. Will I use it as much as I do the other cash back sites? Not sure yet since I don't need to buy anything! But, I will definitely be doing the math to see which cash back site is better for me financially!  I would encourage you to do the same as you see any deals posted here and anywhere else!

If you sign up now, you will receive a $10 rebate on a $20 purchase at Target, iTunes or Amazon. Select the store of your choice on the home page before you click “Sign Up” to start the process!  Then, register the cards you use the most. You will receive the cash back rebate offer after you register your card(s). It will expire within a few days of your registration so be prepared to use it!

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