Ways to Save Money on Clothes

ways to save money on clothes

I haven't purchased a new item of clothing for myself in several months. Partly because I want to lose a few extra pounds (story of my life, it seems) and also I just don't need anything. I am trying to re-fashion what I have, or simply remove it from my closet entirely before I make anymore purchases.

If you're in the same boat as me, here are a few ways you can save money on clothes and earn money on clothing items as well.

Sell Clothes at Garage Sale

My best friend still has clothing items in her closet from our middle school years. No joke! Some of those are actually coming back into fashion too which makes me feel super old now. Check out your closet and see if you have styles that you can still wear. The sizes that are not for you, sell them on a garage sale.

Hang all of your clothing items on a clothes rack. By having them displayed prominently, it will naturally cause people to browse just like they're in a store. Once you become known as the “house” with a specific size, you will likely have return visitors each year specifically wanting to purchase clothing items.

Advertise specific brand names on Craigslist and local Facebook groups. I'm sure many people will be willing to make a stop if they know exactly what types of items and brands you are selling.

Recycle Clothing Items

A lot of people have earned a lot of money from recycling their pants and shorts. Do you remember the days when you would cut off your jeans and make jean shorts? That seems to be popular again. Use the leftover jean material and recycle it into a bag. You can follow along this homemade reusable shopping bag tutorial and make one to use for grocery shopping.

You can also do the same with your clothes. You can actually save a lot of money by recycling the clothes that you already have. For instance, if you have an old shirt that you do not use, why not reinvent it into a sleeveless top. You can just slash off the sleeves. The same goes with your other clothes. Pinterest will become your BFF for inspiration on this one!

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Hand Me Downs…or Over

We have three boys and let me tell you, hand me downs have been a huge blessing to our finances! I am a big believer in quality over quantity. I try to find a deal but I won't compromise good quality on some clothing items since I know certain brands tend to last longer over other brands.

The same can be said about handing “over.” Do you have friends that are in the same size (clothes or shoes)? Do a hand over and swap items with one another. This has become popular with clothes swaps people do today but it's something I know many have done for years. Don't wear the same size as your bestie? Jewelry works out just as well.

Buy Clothes Second Hand

Along the lines of garage sales and recycling, you can save a lot when you do purchase second hand. We have a great post on thrift store shopping tips you will want to check out for lots more information.

There is a newer trend with online second hand stores. Sites like ThredUp, Twice Clothing and of course, eBay, are great resources to help you find styles you want for a lot less. I've found that they are fabuous places to find those styles that are popular, or sell out quickly with close-to-retail prices.

I recently purchased one of my favorite pair of Lululemon workout pants from eBay.  I realize paying close-to-retail prices may defeat the purchase of a second hand purchase. But, I fell in love with the style and they are an amazing fit. And, as I mentioned, I believe in quality over quantity. I know I'll have these for many years.

The same advice goes for selling your clothing to these sites. Each of them has a program where you can provide clothing items for sale. eBay is obviously popular, and I've personally sold there. So, make some extra cash as you clear out your closet.

Shop for Clothes on Clearance

I always purchase items after season on clearance. I tend to do this more for our boys and I buy a year, or even two years, ahead. My favorite places to shop for this have to be Kohl's and Target. Plus, when you add coupons to your checkout, the discount is even greater!

I generally always purchase our boys’ clothing at least 50% off. The only exception to this is if I make a purchase at an outlet store. The prices where we shop are reduced up to 30% off regular retail to begin with (typically to be considered an outlet, they have to be reduced to 30%). Even with that outlet price, I wait for the 40-50% off sales too!

Your turn: What ways do you save money on clothes?

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