Snack Time: Menu Planning

I have proven to everyone that reads this blog that I am more than capable of saving ton of money each week of our family grocery bill. But, when it comes to planning and organizing our meals, I am horrible! Planning and Organization can be a huge part to saving not only on groceries but other things as well (time, patience, etc)! So, along with my cash-only diet this month, I am going to attempt to plan our meals at least a week in advance, and possibly do some freezer recipes as well. So, these menu plan snacks will actually contain calories – some more than others – but it will save you time and energy in the long run (for me anyway)!

I guess there are two components to this that I will need outside resources to utilize (FREE). I need to get a plan to determine what we will eat, and I also need some good freezer recipes (I'll snack on that one later…baby steps for me!).

First with the plan, there are a couple resources I've been lurkin' on and LOVE!

    • I'm an Organizing Junkie is a blog where the author, Laura, has Menu Plan Monday. Sounds like what I need! I like how she posts her menu for the week and has her recipes in the week's post. She also has a section that readers can link their own weekly menus so you can get other ideas if you are interested.


  • Carrie's Cooking is written by a fellow grocery gamer (holla), Carrie. She posts recipes with ingredients that I will generally have on hand (bought on sale of course) since she's bought them too (using her Grocery Game lists)! I love how she posts a shopping list for the upcoming week's menu each Friday prior. And, she gives you reminders in her daily posts to “pull the chicken out to thaw” in preparation for the next day's meal. Just what I need!

So, I think with a combination of both of these resources, I should have enough guidance on planning my meals – and the benefit is that I will be more organized with meal-time and utilize the massive stockpile we have accumulated!

And, if you're interested, watch for my own Menu Plans each Monday – I may post on Sundays if I'm feelin' inspired!


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  1. This is Carrie from CarriesCooking. Thanks for your kind words on my website. It really helps to know others find my site useful. I wanted to let you know of a site that I use to help plan my meals. It is great for helping you pick a meal based on food that you already have on hand. I use it to help me plan many of my weekly meals. You should check it out.

    I have also been thinking about posting information on my website on how to make your own meal planning easier. Do you think you would find that helpful?

    If you have any suggestions on how to make my website more helpful to my readers please let me know.

    Thanks again!

  2. Carrie – thanks for the website info! That’s the other type of thing to help with planning as well! I absolutely think posting info on how to make menu planning easier would be great! It’s somewhat intimidating if you’re new at it, but if you posted info on how it can be done easier, and ultimately get others to stick with the plan – it would be worth it!

    Also, one other resource I need is information on freezer cooking. I’m wondering if there’s a way you could have one meal a week be one you eat that night and also have the ability to be frozen – so make double and freeze the other servings for a free night or something? I, selfishly, need that so would love to find something on it…preferably using your site!

    Thanks again for the info you publish on your site – I love it!

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