Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards Program

This is probably one of my favorite Birthday Freebies!!!

I am a make-up junkie. I love to try everything. I could spend hours in a drugstore, even, just looking at all of the different cosmetic lines. When I get into Sephora it's like a drugstore on steroids. There is literally something new and different at every turn.

When you sign up for the Sephora's Rewards Program, you are becoming a Beauty Insider. The benefit of being a Beauty Insider is that you get perks for shopping. For every (1) Dollar you spend, (1) Point is added to your Beauty Insider balance. The points earn rewards. During checkout, you redeem your points balance for a Freebie!

Here are a few additional details on the Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards Program:


You can register online to become a Beauty Insider. Or, when you visit Sephora in-store, you will be asked if you are an Insider. If not, you can become one instantly in-store and receive a fancy schmancy Insider Card!

If you have previously ordered from and have an online account and are just now getting a Beauty Insider Rewards number, don't forget to update your account profile with your card number.

I only mention this because I didn't do this for the first year I was a member. I lost out on a lot of rewards. However, the in-store consultants shared I could call 877-SEPHORA and request they pull all of my past purchases. I haven't done that yet (and doubt that I will). Just a heads up on that one :)

Benefits + Rewards

You earn Perk points for purchases either in-store or online! Again, for every (1) Dollar you spend, you receive (1) Point.

Perks, or rewards, are given at two levels: 100-Point Level or 500-Point Level. Rewards change frequently for each Perk level. This is usually each week, although I haven't been in there on a weekly basis to verify.

You don't have to use your points once you hit 100. In fact, I rarely do. You can choose to accumulate your points for the 500-Point Perk. And, even when I hit that, if I am not crazy about the reward, I'll just pass when asked at checkout. Your points just keep growing!

When you log into your account, you will see a section on the left called “Beauty Insider Only Products.” This is where Insiders receive special offers on products not available to the general public. Honestly, I don't know how much better or different they are than if you weren't an Insider. I never paid attention to that before I joined the program. I guess it's a benefit I'm glad I have nonetheless.

Bonus Benefits + Rewards

If you spend $350 on products during a calendar year, you are upgraded to a Very Important Beauty Insider, otherwise known as V.I.B. There are several benefits for V.I.B.'s in addition to the regular Beauty Insider benefits. They include:

  • Deluxe Samples
  • Exclusive Monthly Perks
  • Access to Pre-Released Products
  • 10% Savings Welcome Offer
  • Special Holiday Sephora Gift Card

You are required to re-qualify each year to maintain the V.I.B. status. Since this is newer, I have yet to become a V.I.B. I guess that's good that I haven't spent that much at Sephora lately :)

Birthday Freebie

And, of course the big one I love is the awesome Birthday Freebie! This has been different every year I have been an Insider. I typically visit in-store to get my Birthday Freebie. However, when you order online during the qualified timeframe of your birthday (within 14 days of your birth date), you will receive a notification asking if you want to add your freebie to your online order.

The other big thing I like about the Birthday Freebie for Insiders is that when you visit in-store to get your gift, you do NOT have to make a purchase! Last year, I happened to be at the mall and realized it was time to for my gift. I didn't need to make a purchase so this is a nice benefit. Also, you do not have to have your printed email to verify in-store either (or I never have). So, when it's a last minute stop, that's another nice thing!

Additional Details

So, that's the deal on the Sephora Beauty Insider benefits! This is an awesome rewards program!

You can also follow Sephora on Facebook and on Twitter for promotions and company information.

Are you a Beauty Insider? What has been your favorite Reward?

Read about more Birthday Freebies, Clubs and Rewards in “30 Days to Celebrate”!

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  1. stephanie halko says:

    i have recently moved and was in sephora last night and asked if i could do an address change. she informed to do it online. i hope this is the correct one. THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Stephanie, if you would visit directly and update your address, that would be better. I’m just a lady who loves the rewards program and can’t help you with address changes. :)

  2. I used to be a Sephora fan until I came across
    I LOVE the products on this website!!!!

  3. Madeleine says:

    Hey do u have to pay for beauty insider?

    1. Hey Madeleine, nope, being a Beauty Insider is free!! You do get great perks too. I just received a $15 coupon code to use on a $50 purchase.

  4. what if i bearly made a purchase today and got points for the first time in december 2011… will they still be there next year???

  5. Hey! I just signed up for the beauty insider program an have only purchased one product from my recently built local sephora, I was wondering if I could go into the store confirm who I am and if they would give me my card or if I would have to purchase one? If you don’t know then that is fine this was really helpful and informative!

    1. Greta, you shouldn’t have to purchase a card at all. But, they can find out who you are if you requested a card online. I doubt they can give you your card while you’re there though since it’s attached to a certain card number that goes with your account. You won’t want to get a new one unless you lose the other one since you’ll have to transfer the numbers over. This happened to me and it didn’t transfer correctly and I lost a lot of points.

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