Caribou Coffee “Bou”day!

This is also one of my fave Birthday Freebies! I haven’t received my Birthday email yet, but I am anticipating it in the next week. I can’t wait!

Here are a few details on the Caribou Coffee “Bou”day:


Well, it’s not really called “Bou”day but that’s what your Birthday coupon will say :) Sign up for the Caribou Coffee Newsletter to receive your Birthday Freebie and other special offers.

Benefits + Rewards

There are really no other benefits or rewards I have received besides the Birthday Freebie. Sometimes there will be coupons via email, but it’s minimal.

A general bonus is when they put the chocolate covered coffee bean on my Mocha. Subscribing isn’t even required. It’s like a little gift!

Birthday Freebie

A few weeks before your birthday, you will receive an email with the coupon for a FREE coffee. The email will say Happy “Bou”day. Get it, “Bou”…Caribou. It’s too much, right??!! :)

Additional Details

Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve received many special offers from Caribou Coffee throughout the year. I wish they would send more coupons via email for newsletter subscribers! I’d go out of my way to stop there if I had a coupon ;)

You can also follow Caribou Coffee on Facebook and on Twitter for promotions and company information.

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  1. JOYCE TYSON says:

    I have joined the free birthday caribou coffee and have not received my coupon, my birthday is Nov 27th. Please send me my free birthday coupon.

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