Savings Snack: Q4 and 2008 Savings

Since my shopping in 2008 is over and done, I am amazed at the savings we were able to achieve and just simply amazed another year has gone! I wanted to share the final results of 2008 spending and savings with you – some exciting stuff, I tell ya!!

Q4: October – December
Spend: $721 (exact – weird or what??)
Savings: $1,013.87

And, here's a breakdown of each quarter:

Q1: January – March
Spend: $1,318.17
Savings: $2,048.73

Q2: April – June
Spend: $928.33
Savings: $1,491.94

Q3: July – September
Spend: $1,145.49
Savings: $1,948.93

2008 YTD Spend: $4,096
2008 YTD Savings: $6,461

That represents a 61% savings for the entire year. And, I did some simple estimating and figured that at least $1,000 of that was for diapers and formula. So, that means if you don't have those expenses your totals are probably even better!!!

But, like my friend Marianne says, it's your own personal frugal story. I find it interesting others can get their totals so low but I don't compete with anyone BUT myself! And, I don't go chase every single FREE deal each week but I do use my knowledge to save as much as possible when I can combine trips and stock up to save even more. I do plan on using this information to modify our budget to see how much I can stretch it in the new year.

Did you use the Savings Spreadsheet I sent you (or possibly one of your own)? Did you track your savings/spending for the year? Please share your savings results! I really think it's so motivating to see other people's stories!

Here's to a 2009 full of lots of savings and blessings!!

By the way, this week I plan on posting the savings spreadsheet I created and use so you can track your savings in 2009!

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  1. Great Job – how neat that you’ve recorded all that!!! :-) I would LOVE to know what I’ve saved this year (hmm .. sounds like a resolution to me) :-)

    You read my mind – just as I was reading this entry .. I thought … I’ve not seen this ‘spreadsheet’ (I started couponing in Sept), then you stated you’ll post one later this week. :-) I look forward to it – hope you’ll post it sooner than later. *wink*

  2. Awesome job Andrea! I can’t wait to get the spreadsheet! I started “grocery gaming” mid year in 2008, so I really didn’t track my savings, but I will for sure in 2009! I can’t wait to get the spreadsheet!

  3. Days like These! says:

    Great Job! I’m still taking baby steps. Love your blog. Learning so much :)

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